The Audacity of This New Gas Lie From the Biden Team Is Something to Behold

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During his remarks on Wednesday calling for a gas tax holiday, Joe Biden lied about multiple things, most notably blaming the rise in gas prices on Vladimir Putin. But as we noted, a gas tax holiday is in the words of Barack Obama a “gimmick” and the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “showbiz.” Some of the estimates of the savings that you would get — even if it was passed along to you — show how silly this whole exercise is.


So if you have an average car, maybe you top out at $30 over 12 weeks — and again, that’s assuming all the gas tax savings were passed along to you. This is a bit like when they bragged about the 16 cents you would save last year on your July 4 cookout on a few items, while driving up prices on everything else. I hope the $30 over three months makes up for the $460 more a month Biden’s inflation is costing you.

Then what happens after three months when you have to raise it again? How about when it drives inflation up because it increases the demand? And you’re not bringing the true price down by increasing the supply? It’s foolhardy.


But Biden’s economic adviser Gene Sperling took Joe Biden’s lie about the gas prices even a step further, seemingly defying all reality with his remarks to Fox’s Martha MacCallum. While Sperling continued to blame Putin for the rise in gas prices, he even tried to deny that prices had truly been going up before Putin invaded Ukraine. Watch this, it’s quite something — the audacity with which he denies reality.

Good for MacCallum for pushing back on this lie. She explained that gas prices did go higher based on Biden’s policy choices to end leases and pipelines. Sperling kept saying “disagree.”

This isn’t the first time Sperling has spread manure on Fox — they’ve called him out it before when he lied about inflation and the face of John Roberts was priceless as he tried to hold it together and not laugh at Sperling’s efforts.

You can argue over what the cause of the rise in prices was before Putin’s invasion. You cannot argue the reality that they have risen precipitously since Biden came in. They’ve risen because of Joe Biden’s policies. Here’s a graph that lays out the rise, juxtaposed with the poor policies that Biden imposed along the way.


It’s bad enough when Biden tries to buffalo us with this “Putin price hike” thing which helps Putin in his own country. But when you even try to deny the reality that we all have seen and know to be an unarguable fact, you’re insulting Americans.


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