Yes, Biden Unironically Issued a Proclamation on World Elder Abuse Day

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The White House’s geriatric occupant just lost his marbles big time, ranting his head off at an AFL-CIO event. The night before, the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre decried CNN’s Don Lemon for even asking about Joe Biden’s physical and mental stamina. Jean-Pierre said that wasn’t a question that people should be even asking.


Unfortunately, we don’t even have to ask the question, we can see Joe Biden’s issues play out every day, every time he appears and opens his mouth.

Here’s one famous recent example of a completely delusional assertion. The White House just deflected and refused to answer for it.

Yet they want us to believe that somehow this guy is going to be able to run in 2024. But even Democrats don’t believe it and are speaking against it now.

But sometimes the White House stumbles into self-parody. This is one of those times — they just issued a proclamation that says it all when it comes to Joe Biden.


The Democrats put Joe Biden out there, knowing all his faults and deficiencies, plus his advanced age because they wanted to pitch a “moderate” to try to grab power. They didn’t care about the consequences of that action, just power. Now, they own all the consequences of that decision and, in the bargain, the effective abuse they are committing against Joe Biden by putting him out there in that condition every day.

Americans were not shy about expressing their opinion on the proclamation.

This is peak irony. The real elder abuse is being committed by those who continue to put Joe Biden out there in front of the world despite his inability to hold a coherent press conference.


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