Americans Don't Hold Back on Biden, Harris, and Pelosi

Saul Loeb, Pool via AP

After Joe Biden’s disastrous European trip, where the White House had to walk back three of the comments he made that could seriously affect the war in Ukraine, there’s more talk than ever of the 25th Amendment and his cognitive issues.


The comments — that we would respond “in kind” if Russia committed a chemical attack, that American soldiers would see people standing against the tanks when they got “there” (seemingly referencing Ukraine), and that Putin cannot remain in power — were walked back by the White House. But then Biden claimed, on Monday, that no such comments occurred. He got confused even though he had a cheat sheet of questions and answers titled “Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points” for the briefing. And he made a fourth remark to Fox’s Peter Doocy that was supposed to clean up his second comment — that he meant the American troops were meeting with Ukrainian troops they were training. That raised more issues and the White House then had to clean up the clean-up remark.

After seeing all this, what must Americans think?

They are not reassured by any of these scrambling efforts by the White House.


Seventy-one percent of Americans “express low confidence in the president’s ability to deal with the war in Ukraine.” That’s an incredibly high number and shows Democrats have little confidence in him as well. It’s hard to have any confidence when he keeps making serious mistakes, and when such mistakes can drag us into a war.

Now, most Americans — 58 percent — believe that Biden should take a cognitive test and release the results, and 55 percent think that he isn’t going to last out his term, according to a new survey from McLaughlin & Associates.

He wasn’t the only one who Americans had questions about. The poll of 1,000 voters also wanted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) to be tested as well. Indeed, even more voters want Pelosi to take the test and release the results — 61 percent. Both of them should long since have retired and Americans know it.

Not only that, but neither Biden nor Kamala Harris fared well with the question of who was more incompetent.

[T]he survey found that it’s a near toss-up, with Biden at 15%, Harris at 11%, and “Both” at 33%.

McLaughlin wrote in his analysis for Newsmax, “This means six in 10 voters view either our president, the vice president or both as incompetent. This is a very disturbing result at a time when inflation is rampant and war is threatening the world.”


Unfortunately, Democratic politicians were more concerned about power than about doing what was in the best interests of the nation which is why we’re in this predicament now. But if there’s any wonder how they would do up against President Donald Trump in 2024, should he run, the answer is not well.

In potential 2024 matchups for president, it would be an electoral landslide for Trump from big to bigger. President Trump leads President Biden 49% to 46%.

He leads Vice President Kamala Harris 50% to 42%.

Former President Trump leads Hillary Clinton 51% to 41%.


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