Whoops: Ottawa Police Get Grilled About 'Bicycle' They Claimed Was Thrown

We reported the story about the man and a woman on a mobility scooter, who were run over by the police with their horses in Ottawa.

The police complained about “misinformation” going out about the incident, including people spreading the rumor that the woman had died.


So, now the police say they’re going to “monitor” journalists and media reports. And decide what is misinformation? Just a little more fascism there.

But, while media certainly shouldn’t be claiming someone died if they haven’t confirmed it, you know what else is true? Police shouldn’t be lying about a bicycle being thrown at a horse, suggesting it precipitated the incident. Or claiming that no protesters had been hurt, particularly after not only the horse incident, but multiple videos came out of them beating people. While random people on Twitter may spread rumors, when the police are lying about the facts, that is a betrayal of the public trust and something that needs to be held to account.

The police ‘story’ about the bicycle was so blatant, they were even asked about it by the CBC.


Ottawa police say no one was seriously injured by the use of horses. But there remains some question about whether, as police said Friday, a bicycle was thrown at one of them.

When pressed for details that it was indeed a bicycle — there have been reports that it was perhaps a knocked-over wheelchair — Bell said he would have to check.

Translation? They can’t even support their claim. They’re going to ‘circle back’ a la Jen Psaki. As we noted, while there was one protester holding a bike, it was never thrown and didn’t get near the horses. And no, no one threw anything else either, before they ran over the people; the woman was standing on her mobility scooter when she was knocked over. The problem was the police made a bad decision to run their horses into a crowd of people; they should be held responsible for their actions.

Also, they need to answer for their claim that no one was injured.


The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is now investigating a claim of a 49-year-old woman who was allegedly injured during the horse incident. It’s not clear if that is the same woman.

Then, the unit is also investigating another incident involving officers from the Vancouver Police Department allegedly discharging Anti-Riot Weapon Enfields — which can be used to fire tear gas canisters, plastic bullets, or other projectiles — at people near Sparks Street and Bank Street. While they allegedly didn’t fire tear gas, they didn’t say what was fired. They claim there are no reports of people being injured from that.


That sounds similar to what happened to the Rebel News reporter, but was later on Saturday in Ottawa, so it’s an additional incident. She was hurt when she was hit with a baton and shot with a non-lethal round/canister of some kind. Rebel News said they would be filing legal action over the actions and injuries.

So, police might want to spin “misinformation” here, but it’s going to catch up to them — as they’re finding out.


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