WATCH: Ottawa Police Attack More People Including Rebel News Reporter

WATCH: Ottawa Police Attack More People Including Rebel News Reporter
AP Photo/Robert Bumsted

The police moved in on the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa Friday morning, arresting about 100 people and towing more than 20 vehicles. They came with police obscuring their names on their uniforms and the tow truck drivers obscuring the logos on their trucks, while also wearing green masks covering their faces. The police were doubtless hoping they would clear out the protest before the weekend, when many more people tend to show up.

There were multiple videos of police beating the protesters, as we reported, not the other way around. Police on horseback also ran their horses right into a crowd of people faster than they should have, knocking a man and an older woman on a disability scooter to the ground. The police claim that a bicycle was thrown at the horse, but no such thing happened before they ran over the people, according to the videos. So, that was a feeble thing to put out there as some kind of excuse.

But even with all that, the effort to clear the protesters failed. Even with the hundreds of police present, there are still a lot of people there, and more have shown up since. So Saturday, they are still trying to move out hundreds of people.

Police are grilling people on why they are in the area because you apparently no longer have a right to be in downtown Ottawa without police permission. Not too fascist there. But if their point was to prevent protesters, it doesn’t appear to have worked.

Hundreds of police were out Saturday, trying to push protesters out of the streets. Many were armed with long clubs (batons) that they were not shy about using on protesters.

In one encounter, they attacked Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie, who was wearing her credentials around her neck and holding a mic. An officer hit her three times with a club, and another officer shot her with something (possibly tear gas). You can hear it being shot at about 0:22, and you can hear her cry out. The other officer then hits her with a club three times. Police also appear to drop at least one gun on the ground.

This is a complete cluster funk. Why are they beating a reporter and shooting a canister point-blank at people? Did her being a journalist with Rebel News enter into the question?

As it happens, the reporter was the same person who had previously put Justin Trudeau on the spot during a press conference. This great video below shows just what kind of a person Trudeau is in response to a great question.

Police denied that they used any tear gas yesterday or today. Of course, people use that term generically, meaning some kind of irritant while police are denying the specific, actual tear gas.

But as we noted people including True North journalist Andrew Lawton was pepper-sprayed or maced yesterday.

They tried to blame the protesters, claiming that they were throwing gas. Once again, there are no videos that support this.

But, the video clearly showed the police shooting something at the people. The protesters kicked it back on the ground; that’s the only thing they did there.

The police were finally forced to admit they were using a “chemical irritant.” They obviously were shooting something at people, which was described as a canister.

Another interesting thing I noticed, suddenly there’s a spurt of people on Twitter praising the police for acting, yet the accounts all have every evidence of being “bots”: low or no followers, numbers after their generic names, etc. Did someone hire a bot farm to make the police and Justin Trudeau look better here? A better tactic would be not to run over disabled old ladies, or beat female reporters with batons and shoot them with canisters in the leg.

Just a thought.

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