Here's More on the Ottawa Freedom Convoy Woman Run Over by Police With Their Horses

We brought you the story of the woman who was run over by the police on their horses at the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa. We wanted to update readers on what happened to her because there had been false rumors about her death, and false statements from the police about the incident that it involved someone throwing a bicycle at the horse.


We saw videos – starting from the moment that they approached the crowd to the woman being knocked to the ground – no bicycle was thrown. As we noted earlier, the police weren’t even able to back up that claim when asked by the CBC about it, even as they decried other reports about the incident being “misinformation.”

Her name is reportedly Candy, and here’s an earlier interview with her. She’s allegedly an indigenous woman, according to multiple reports. She said she’s protesting for the kids.

Candy said she’s been a carnival worker for 35 years, and they told her if she got the jab, she’d be able to work. But that hasn’t gone so well, she said. The interview then cuts off, but she was saying it didn’t pan out as she had been told it would.


The horses were allegedly from the Toronto Police, not RCMP.

Her alleged niece posted about her injury claiming that she had a broken clavicle. She’s wearing the same Canada hat that she had on in the earlier interview, which is also what she was wearing when she was run over. Her niece joked, “Now stay away from the horses.”
Now, we’ll have to see where it goes from here. But as we said before, running over older women who are peacefully protesting is not a good look for Justin Trudeau — and he’s going to be called to answer for it on Monday. We’ll have to see what his answers are for all this.


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