WATCH: Woman Loses Her Mind at Freedom Convoy Protester and Things Quickly Go South

Woman involved in road rage incident against protester (Credit: Rebel News)

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has inspired multiple other countries to kickstart or re-energize the anti-mandate actions in various places around the world.

There were actions over the weekend not only in Canada but in places like Canberra and Paris as well. The police in Ontario shut down the protest at the Ambassador Bridge and arrested people in Windsor, Ontario. The police in Paris beat people and tear-gassed protesters and other people, including little kids as well. In Canberra, the Freedom Convoy was massive, it was estimated to be about 20,000 people according to the Daily Mail, who said might be the biggest public demonstration ever held in Canberra.


But as we saw in Ottawa, where the one bit of “non-peaceful” protest was brought by anti-Freedom Convoy people with people on the left trying to block the cars of some of the Convoy protesters, in Canberra, it was an anti-anti-mandate person who caused trouble with a wild road rage incident.

There was a fender bender and the protester got out of her car to approach the other woman who has allegedly been identified as Chantal Jasmine Fox to get her license information. Fox started screaming at the protester, claiming that she rolled back into her. Fox called her a “dumb bogan,” cursed at her, told her to get out of town and get a real job, and the “media doesn’t care about you.” She then reversed and pulled up to the protester’s car and then allegedly opened her door, smacking into the protester’s car. The protester called her a maniac, Fox said that yes, she was and that there were a “lot of us.” Then Fox tried to drive off and you can see what happened next.

Warning for graphic language:

After her car went sideways, she got out, ripped the flags off the protester’s car, and went after the other woman smacking at her with the flags.


She reportedly was going around before the incident screaming bizarre things at protesters and claimed after the incident that she was harassed by trolls about the incident. In her complaint, she posted a link to her Only Fans account, which makes her remark to the protester “go get a job” rather ironic.

The police said that Fox would be hit with an infringement notice for negligent driving. It’s not clear if she will be charged with anything else such as for going after the woman with the flags.

This is not the only incident with people going after the protesters. A man with a radical activist background was arrested for striking four people at a Freedom Convoy protest in Winnipeg and he is facing 11 counts including multiple counts of assault.


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