Former Obama Adviser and Stephen Colbert Take Biden to the Woodshed on Russia

There’s been a lot of attention paid to Joe Biden’s “minor incursion” remark about Russia going into Ukraine. The Biden Administration spent a lot of time yesterday trying to clean up the concern that the remark caused.


But that wasn’t the only problem with what Biden said about Russia. Biden just spilled everything he likely was advised on the subject, with no filter as to how bad it might be to say out loud what he was saying. He said, “My guess is he will move in, [to Ukraine], he has to do something.”

Biden even said Russia would prevail over time.

So, he’s telling Putin, “Hey, we even think you’ll win if you do it.” How gone is Biden at this point?

But notice, everything he’s saying is reactive — he’s not setting the tone (as President Donald Trump did). He’s reacting and crossing his fingers that Putin doesn’t do anything bad, even though he thinks he will and that he’d win.

Ukraine must have choked on that. We saw how steamed the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky got over Biden’s clueless remarks, when Zelensky commented that there were no “minor incursions” because he knew such a comment increased the danger to his country.


Even comedian Stephen Colbert, who is constantly pimping for the Democrats, had to go in and mock that one, and for the first time in a long time, he was both right and funny.


Then during Thursday’s press conference, as the Biden team tried to usher reporters out and prevent questions about Russia, Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich asked, “Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move?” Biden’s response was “What a stupid question,” with a sneer.

But it wasn’t a stupid question, and even a former senior National Security adviser in the Obama Administration, ex-Global Engagement Director Brett Bruen, pointed that out.

Biden’s attitude goes back to how he’s been handling not only Russia but everything right down the line — he’s the bystander ‘leader.’ Things are happening around him and he’s reacting, mostly badly. He’s not setting the agenda on anything.


Now, I thought that the Obama Administration was reactive and not proactive. But Biden is far worse. Responding doesn’t mean military escalation. But one thing Trump never got credit for was that he set the agenda. Other countries didn’t generally want to tick him off because they knew he would respond. He dropped bombs on the heads of 300 Russians in Syria, teaching Putin and others that he would act. Knowing there is strength fends off war. Knowing there is weakness invites it.


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