Narrative Shift: Former Biden COVID Task Force Member Zeke Emanuel Confesses They Screwed Up

Narrative Shift: Former Biden COVID Task Force Member Zeke Emanuel Confesses They Screwed Up
Zeke Emanuel, CNN's John Berman (Credit: CNN)

We’re seeing a massive shift from the Biden team and the Democrats.

Suddenly we’re seeing them acknowledge some of the things that we’ve been saying about COVID for months, such as recognizing that virtual learning is a failure. How long have we been saying that? The damage that has been done to children is immeasurable.

This isn’t new, but now the Biden folks are acknowledging it.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the Vice Provost of Global Health Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and a former member of the Biden transition team’s Covid task force, told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday that virtual learning had been “a failure across the country.” [….]

“I agree with Mayor Lightfoot that kids have to be in school,” said Emanuel, “and we know that virtual learning did not work. It was a failure across the country and we kept kids out way too long.”

But the Biden team sided with the teachers’ union keeping kids out longer. Even now, after they catered to the crazy for so long, you still have situations where the kids are being kept out including in places like Chicago.

They sacrificed our children to appease one of the Democrats’ biggest special interest groups.

But that wasn’t all. Emanuel also acknowledged that they failed when it came to testing.

“Everyone thought the vaccines were going to solve everything, which meant the administration took its eye off the ball when it came to testing,” Emanuel had said earlier last week.

Emanuel noted that they finally had gotten a reasonable testing process in place [under Trump] but then that got dismantled under Biden after the vaccine when they then came to rely upon that.

The Biden team fully focused on vaccines and masking, to the detriment of testing and treatment. So that explains why Biden ran on testing, promised Americans tests, and then didn’t come through with them? And now you have all kinds of restrictions and mandates that are conditioned on tests? And given that you can still get and transmit the virus even if vaccinated, not focusing on treatment is an incredible failure. Now they’re also failing to provide the antibody treatments to the states that need them, which is likely to result in people dying. When are they going to catch up to reality on that?

So why have they come to this sudden realization right now? It isn’t like they couldn’t have thought of it before when we on the right were shouting about it to the rooftops for months and demanding they open the schools.

Their internal polling must be awful. They must suddenly realize that they’re going to be pulverized in the midterms. They have what happened in the November election and Virginia with Glenn Youngkin winning as a big red flag signaling how important schooling is as an issue and how powerful angry parents can be. And right now, many of those parents are furious at what Democrats have done. But if they think a sudden flip now is going to assuage people, they would be wrong. People haven’t been asleep all this time and they won’t forget.

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