The Biden Administration Shifts Again on COVID-19, Now Admits Long-known Facts About Comorbidities

The Biden Administration Shifts Again on COVID-19, Now Admits Long-known Facts About Comorbidities
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It’s been a banner few days for the Biden administration and COVID-19. About a week ago, we got the stunning declaration from the president that there is no “federal solution” to the pandemic, something many of us on the right have been saying since the beginning. Will Ron DeSantis, who has been repeatedly attacked by the White House as needing to “get out of the way” of the federal government, get an apology letter?

Then there was this weekend’s bombshell admission by CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky that there are actually different death totals for those that died with COVID vs. those that died because of COVID. For nearly two years, anyone who suggested such was called a conspiracy theorist who wanted to downplay the pandemic. Now, because it’s politically convenient for Joe Biden, things are suddenly shifting to include more nuance.

With that in mind, Walensky made yet another major admission, finally citing data about COVID-19 and comorbidities leading to far greater risk. Yet, past urgings for people to focus on personal health earned scathing rebukes from the smart set.

To be sure, that fact is nothing new. We’ve known for a very long time that comorbidities are a key factor in judging someone’s risk from COVID, with a combination of being immunocompromised due to advanced age and obesity being the most common situation. Yet, here, Walensky isn’t just saying that one comorbidity makes the difference. She’s saying that 75% of deaths occurred in those with at least four comorbidities, referencing a study of vaccinated individuals.

While some of us have been pointing that out since the spring of 2020, we were maligned as wanting to kill grandma. Yet, downplaying the loss of life of the elderly was never the point being made. Rather, it was to say that we should manage mitigation based on the inherent risks to certain demographics. For example, there was never any reason for healthy, non-obese 18-50 year-olds to be locked down and put out of work. Further, because of the greatly reduced risk profile of such demographics, there was also never any reason to mandate vaccinations. Walensky’s admission also put the final nail in the coffin on the idea that children need to be vaccinated, a demographic that faces essentially no risk at all.

In short, protecting the old and sick with isolation and vaccines while letting everyone else live their lives was always the best strategy after it became clear that we could not control the spread of the virus, a reality that was obvious by mid-2020.

Not only would more nuanced mitigation measures have possibly saved thousands of lives due to increased deaths of despair caused by the lockdowns, but it would have meant many more people gaining natural immunity sooner who were otherwise not at any significant risk. That is happening now with Omicron whether we like it or not but had we done what Sweden did, we might have avoided the most recent wave altogether.

Finally, just to be a cherry on top, Walensky also reiterated comments she made some months ago about the vaccines not stopping transmission of the virus.

If the vaccines do not stop transmission, then there is zero justification for vaccine passports and mandates. Unfortunately, the Washington politicians and the mainstream media are so invested in causing division that they’ll never make that connection.

In the end, you can just chalk all of this up to right-wing news sites being well ahead of the curve on what’s true and what’s not. The list of things now proven to be correct that were called conspiracy theories just months ago is getting too long to keep track of.


Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that Walensky was discussing a study of vaccinated people.

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