Liberals, Never Trumpers Celebrate Anti-Mandate SCOTUS Lawyers Coming Down With COVID

Liberals, Never Trumpers Celebrate Anti-Mandate SCOTUS Lawyers Coming Down With COVID
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Today, SCOTUS heard oral arguments on the OSHA vaccine mandate — Joe Biden’s ‘work around’ to force COVID vaccines or testing requirements on private businesses with 100 or more employees.

We covered some of the astonishing comments made by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer. Their comments were astonishing because they revealed the justices didn’t seem to know or understand basic facts about the virus and vaccines. Sotomayor said crazy things like there were 100 thousand kids in serious condition from COVID with “many on ventilators,” and that Omicron is as serious as Delta — two demonstrably false things.

Then Breyer decided to keep her company with fantasyland COVID comments. He said 750 million caught COVID yesterday when there are only 330 million Americans in the whole country. He also indicated he thought all the cases could be stopped by this OSHA mandate — something that, again, is simply not even logical or living in reality.

Fortunately, it sounds like the conservative majority on the Court may have some sense on the matter, even if the liberal wing doesn’t. They didn’t trip over themselves as Breyer and Sotomayor did. They indicated skepticism as to the “emergency” nature of the OSHA rule and also questioned whether or not Congress had given OSHA such authority. Now, it’s always a good thing to add the proviso that justices’ questions don’t necessarily indicate how they are going to decide. Often, they ask things to rule out positions they’re not inclined toward. But at least we know they are not as clueless as the liberal wing, and those are reasonable questions to ask.

But there’s a side story to the arguments today that says a lot about the left and their pro-vaccine mandate mania.

When it was reported that two of the attorneys who were arguing against the OSHA mandate had come down with COVID, some on the left celebrated that the lawyers had come down with it.

Nancy Lee Grahn is an actress in “General Hospital,” who plays the character Alexis Davis. She protested her colleagues not being vaccinated. Two of her colleagues were subsequently let go from the show — despite working there for more than 25 years — because they stood up against such mandates. This is how crazy the virus has made people on the left. They rejoice now when the lawyers come down with a virus. These are the truly indoctrinated, who think that a virus is moral justice, and they are somehow the superior ones when their very words show how messed up they truly are.

What would an evil idiotic position be without the Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson?

Now, it wasn’t quite the “karma” they thought it was, since at least one of the lawyers was both vaccinated and boosted. That makes clear, again, that you can still get it, even if vaccinated. That disproves the very thing that Justice Breyer was suggesting — being vaccinated doesn’t stop it. But pretty slimy that anyone would be celebrating this.

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