Teacher Fearing COVID-19 Exposure Is Arrested After Doing Horrible Thing to Her Son

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

While many will dismiss the left’s COVID-19 fear-mongering as overprotectiveness, I’ve long seen it as something more sinister. Not only do they find the hysteria politically beneficial, but they see it as a way to push people deeper into a collective psychosis, whereby all rights may be abused in response to the coronavirus.


This latest story falls squarely under that rubric. A Houston-area teacher has been arrested and charged after locking her son in the trunk of a car. Why did she do that? Because she was controlled by fear of COVID-19 that she felt she needed to quarantine him on the way to the testing site in order to avoid exposing herself to the virus.

A mother has been charged after her 13-year-old son was found in the trunk of her car at a Cy-Fair ISD drive-thru COVID testing site, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office confirmed.

Sarah Beam has been charged with endangering a child. Cy-Fair ISD Police Department said a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

According to court documents, on Jan. 3, Beam pulled into the drive-thru testing site located at 11355 Falcon Road in northwest Harris County, when a witness reported hearing something in the trunk. The witness said when Beam unlatched the trunk, the boy was found lying down inside.

There’s a lot of absurdity to unpack, but can we start with the fact that she originally tested her son at home? That’s where the positive test came from that prompted her to then lock him in the trunk, so she could go get him tested again. In other words, she was already exposed to the virus. Yet, she was so hysterical that she still threw him in the trunk anyway.


Let’s also note that anyone willing to do something so egregious to avoid contracting COVID-19 is almost certainly vaccinated and boosted. In fact, while I can’t say for certain what her status is, I’d bet my house she is. This mother sounds like the type of person who wears an N95 as well. Given the high probability that she had taken every precaution, what exactly is she so scared of? Do the vaccines work or not? Do N95s prevent the spread of the virus or not?

Then there’s the issue of Omicron being the dominant variant now. Omicron, even to the unvaccinated, is largely harmless and far less severe than the Delta variant. So, this likely triple -vaxxed and masked woman is so irrational that she’s terrified of catching a virus that would essentially be a cold, at worst, for her.

What we are witnessing here is exactly what I described in my prior piece on the left’s collective psychosis regarding COVID-19. These people are detached from reality, unable to judge actual risk, to the point where they will abuse their children in order to “stay safe” from the coronavirus. And they didn’t become that way by mere chance. This push into mental illness has been driven by leftwing fear-mongering, and it starts at the top with Joe Biden, who has routinely refused to tell the truth about risk profiles and natural immunity.


I’m starting to worry that the large portion of the population that is currently under this spell will never snap out of it. Where’s the line where they admit it’s time to go back to normal? I’m having trouble distinguishing one because the goalposts always just move again. A society cannot exist like that.


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