Sonia Sotomayor Loses Her Ever-Loving Mind at Oral Arguments Over Biden's Vaccine Mandate

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It’s been clear for a while now that you have five conservative Supreme Court justices, one left-leaning squish, two liberals, and one absolute nutjob. That’s not to say that Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan aren’t also incredibly terrible at their jobs, but it is to say that Sonia Sotomayor is in a class by herself.


Sotomayor recently flaunted her lunacy during the oral arguments over Mississippi’s abortion law, making numerous claims that ranged from outright false to pure evil. In one instance, the justice compared an unborn baby that feels pain to someone who is braindead, and at no point did she seem to have an interest in discussing the actual legal questions being posed to the court.

Yet, Sotomayor’s penchant for ignoring the law in favor of feeding her partisan wants doesn’t stop with the issue of abortion. Today, oral arguments are being held over Joe Biden’s OSHA-enforced vaccine mandate, and once again, Sotomayor has stolen the show. I don’t mean in a good way, either. I mean that in that way people stare at someone having a mental breakdown in public.

Let’s go through a few of the more absurd claims presented by Sotomayor.

Well, you see, human beings are…human beings. We are not like machines because we are sentient, living creatures with the capability of making individual decisions. Also, unlike machines, human beings have inalienable rights which should not be infringed upon. Sotomayor’s question proposes a world in which people can be stripped of those rights if some politician decides it’s for the greater good. In her mind, you are nothing but a cog, wholly owned by the government.


But if anyone thought that Sotomayor’s question was just hypothetical and not indicative of her thought process, she then began to tell provable lies about children and COVID-19.

Let’s hope the other justices are aware of the facts because Sotomayor’s claim isn’t just wrong, it’s so false as to be completely laughable. As RedState has reported many times, children do not face a significant statistical risk from COVID-19. They are more likely to die of the flu, in a car wreck, or of drowning than the coronavirus. Yet, the left has repeatedly misconstrued the facts to make it appear as if children are filling up hospitals with serious COVID outcomes.

Sotomayor also claimed that “many” children are on ventilators.

Across the nation, there are children on ventilators for a range of illnesses but are there “many” due to COVID-19? I would love to see the justice’s source on that because I can’t find anything to support her claim. It sounds like something Sotomayor pulled out of thin air. Again, children are extremely unlikely to suffer a severe outcome from the coronavirus, much less be put on a ventilator because of an infection.


Yet, this cynical use of children to push left-wing policies has become pervasive, apparently, even among some of the justices who sit on the Supreme Court. Later, Sotomayor made the ridiculous claim that OSHA has the same “police power” that a state government does. That’s not true, but it’s also a claim with no limiting principle that, if it were ever made a precedent, would lead to the wholesale destruction of individual rights.

And that would be just fine with Sotomayor. As a far-left radical, she is, by far, one of the most damaging outcomes of Barack Obama’s presidency. It’s only because Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 that her extremist, tyrannical views are not mainstream on the court. Let’s hope that dynamic also leads to the striking down of Biden’s unconstitutional mandate.


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