AG Garland's Remarks About Jan. 6 and 'One Rule' of Law Defy Belief

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Sometimes the sheer gall of what the Biden Administration thinks they can put over on the American people is something else.

Take the remarks about Jan. 6 today from Attorney General Merrick Garland.


Garland said that he had “no higher priority” than to go after people who were involved in the three-hour Jan. 6 riot. He announced that more than 725 people have been arrested for involvement in the riot.

But then Garland went completely into fantasyland.

“Over 40 years ago, in the wake of Watergate Scandal, the Justice Department concluded that the best way to ensure the department’s independence, integrity, and fair application of our laws, and the best way to ensure the health of our democracy is to have a set of norms to govern our work,” Garland said.

“The central norm is that in our criminal investigations there cannot be different rules depending on one’s political party or affiliation,” he added. “There cannot be different rules for friends and foes and there cannot be different rules for the powerful and the powerless. There is only one rule.”

Astonishingly, his tongue didn’t go up in flames immediately for this lie.


First, I think there are plenty of things that are of higher priority than a riot from a year ago without, as far as I can tell, any further continuing violence. Meanwhile, BLM/Antifa violence may have lessened from last year, but it’s organized and continues. Not that the DOJ seems to give a darn. They claim “one rule” with no difference in the application of the law depending on political party or affiliation.

So, where’s the deep investigation of the organizers of the targeted leftist rioting near the White House over three days that injured more than 60 law enforcement officers that, had rioters setting multiple fires including at St. John’s church, and so concerned the Secret Service they allegedly raced President Donald Trump to a bunker? Where’s all the concern from the media and the DOJ about this – where’s the attention to the organized effort behind it? The media wasn’t concerned in the slightest, they mocked Trump for the Secret Service allegedly insisting he go to a bunker.

Where’s the investigation of constant attacks for more than 100 days in a row on the Portland federal courthouse, with dozens of federal agents and local police injured? Media and Democrats’ response? They claimed the federal agents being attacked were “stormtroopers.”


There were hundreds of riots organized across the country, directed at local and federal government buildings and police, with hundreds injured and dozens killed. Where is the FBI page dedicated to identifying the organizers of those attacks — like the Jan. 6 riot page the FBI has?

We could also point to the completely different way that such incidents are pursued and prosecuted with anyone even within spitting distance of the Capitol on Jan. 6 seemingly charged, yet people actively attacked the Portland federal courthouse, over months, not being charged.

In addition to Garland’s lie about “one rule” of law, he did something else that was very troublesome when he spoke about “five officers who responded selflessly to the attack that day who have since lost their lives.”

Now, the death of an officer is tragic, and officers should be honored for their service. But the way he phrased it was to suggest that they died because of the riot, when they died from things like a stroke or suicide. The comment is deliberately misleading to Americans. So yes, let’s talk again about how non-political and “one rule” that he is? Not.


I just did a one-to-one riot comparison, but I could go on at greater length about a four-year collusion investigation based in part on lies pushed and paid for by Clinton Democratic operatives, with the DOJ effectively doing their dirty work to smear their opponent. Meanwhile, any action against Hillary Clinton seemed to just disappear into the wind. Was there ever any action to go after the then-head of the CIA John Brennan for spying on Congress and then lying about it? Nope, that magical “D” got the Obama-era scandal a pass. And on and on and on.

You can’t just lie to the public, when they’ve been wide awake and have seen what’s happened over the past several years.


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