Media Develops Amnesia About Who Started Fire at Church Outside WH Last Year

Media Develops Amnesia About Who Started Fire at Church Outside WH Last Year
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One of the ways that media tends to manipulate the news or make a point in what is supposed to be an “objective” statement of the facts is to use the passive voice.

So if you notice this tweet from WTOP anchor Ken Duffy, see if you can tell what’s missing here. He mentions how it’s the anniversary of the fire at St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. last year.

The tweet reads:

“It’s been a year since the fire at St. John’s Church during George Floyd protests in D.C.” Duffy observed. “Church rector Rev. Rob Fisher tells @WTOP ‘there’s still a lot left to repair’ in ‘the hundreds of thousands of dollars.’ Despite that, Fisher tells me ‘work for racial justice’ continues.”

Um, Ken? How did that fire start? Churches are not known for just going up in flames without cause. Wouldn’t you think that’s an important part of remembering the anniversary? Apparently not. But they still have “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to repair in damage. But no worries about that since the work for “racial justice” continues.

Here’s a hint for Ken about how it occurred:

They set fires to other structures and chased down a Fox News reporter.

This was all right outside the White House, which is why White House security reportedly rushed President Donald Trump into a bunker.

From AP:

Hundreds of people converged on the White House on Saturday for a second straight day to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and President Donald Trump’s response.

Friday’s protests prompted a lockdown in the White House and a response from the Secret Service, who clashed with demonstrators.

Police had to use tear gas to clear out the rioters. Instead of being concerned about the rioting outside the White House, the media and those on the left mocked President Donald Trump and called him names because security was concerned for his safety. Kamala Harris was even involved in the crowd outside the White House earlier in the day.

Now, rather than talking about the riot and the threat that had been posed by the BLM/Antifa, we’re not even told who was behind the fire at the church, not to mention the other multiple fires and violence in the area.

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