Joy Reid Show Tells Blatant Lie About the Death of Officer Brian Sicknick

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We’ve seen Twitter seemingly jump at the chance to kick Republicans off of its platform for the excuse of “misinformation.” Yet, there’s a boatload of out-and-out lies that are pedaled by those on the left and in liberal media daily — and Twitter doesn’t seem to give a darn about those.


Take Joy Reid. Please.

You could run a balloon for days on the hot air she blows. Not exactly a person who is known for the truth or reliability of what she puts out. Indeed, quite the opposite. We saw her media malpractice with her comments about Kyle Rittenhouse, Brett Kavanaugh, and “white male tears.” Then she attacked Nicki Minaj and defended her prior vaccine hesitancy by blaming President Donald Trump. “Why would any sensible person take a vaccine Trump had anything to do with?” she said. But now, of course, she has taken that Trump vaccine because somehow, Biden being in the office makes it safe? The logic of these folks just blows my mind.

Reid also promoted the slimy “DeSantis is missing” conspiracy. She’s still pushing it, even after it’s been fully debunked by local media. He was never missing and continued to work while taking his wife to cancer treatments. Yet Reid and others still can’t stop the lies.

But she didn’t leave her lying there.

Her show’s Twitter account, @TheReidOut, claimed that Officer Brian Sicknick “died from wounds inflicted on Jan. 6” in promoting a segment with Sicknick’s girlfriend, Sandra Garza. Now, Garza didn’t say that, because she knows better, but that didn’t stop Reid’s Twitter account from spreading that lie.


Initially, the media spread the lie that he’d been hit with a fire extinguisher. That lie hung out there for months, despite it not being true. I wrote on Jan. 10 of last year that they didn’t have evidence for that claim and that the evidence indicated there was a medical condition. Then on Feb. 5, I reported that the cause, according to the family, was a stroke, based on what the hospital told them. If I could find out that information, so could any other media person. But the lie continued for months until it broke into greater media consciousness in April and was reported that he died from strokes.

But, it’s long been clear that he wasn’t “wounded” on Jan. 6 and hadn’t “died from wounds inflicted on Jan. 6.” That’s just demonstrably false. Yet, the tweet is still up and in no danger of the account getting suspended for “misinformation.” And this is truly offensive, to use this officer’s death for political purposes. That’s what her show is doing with this lie, to try to make it appear worse. The tweet also doesn’t clarify that when they refer to Garza as Sicknick’s “partner,” they’re talking not about his work partner but his life partner — an important point to make to prevent confusion.


In the position that Reid is in with a show on a major news network, this is completely irresponsible to still be spreading this lie and needs to be corrected. I don’t hold out hope for it though, because it’s Joy Reid. Truth is not exactly a high priority with her.


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