White House Correspondents' Association Gives Joe Biden an Assist in His Effort to Avoid Questions

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The White House has done what it can to try to limit Joe Biden’s access to the press to reduce the coverage of any potential gaffes that he might have. We saw that happen right before Christmas when the White House team booted the media right before Biden was to take questions from the nation’s governors about COVID. We hear Joe Biden say it periodically, that “they” don’t want me answering questions. It makes one wonder who the “they” are who seem to have the ability to tell the alleged most powerful man in the world what to do. But even with all the effort of the White House team, Biden still manages to get in a lot of gaffes and the media is still asking about them at the White House briefings.


But it turns out that the White House may be getting an assist from the White House Correspondents’ Association, with a hat tip to Omicron.

According to the White House Correspondents’ Association, they announced that after an emergency board meeting, they unanimously voted to “temporarily” reduce the White House briefing room to just 14 seats in response to Omicron.

Journalist Amber Athey pointed out this was effectively cutting out people.

Athey explained the people that usually got to stand in the aisles would be eliminated because of this. Previously during the pandemic, the smaller and independent outlets would get to sit in a rotating seat. Athey said this would now be eliminated.

So who gets dumped? This move helps the Biden team effort to protect Joe. This is about the White House briefing room, a place where they are all supposed to be vaccinated, masked, and regularly tested to get into. So that says a lot about what the WHCA thinks about the protections.


This move comes at a very convenient time when Joe Biden is facing a lot of criticism on multiple fronts, including on his response to Omicron and COVID in general, not to mention crime and inflation. For example, there are a lot of questions about the ever-shifting CDC guidance including the flip flop of Dr. Anthony Fauci. But the chances of getting any kind of answers depends to some degree on the media being willing to ask the more probing questions. This effectively reduces the number of people willing to do that.


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