Biden Busted in Another Lie About Tests, Gets Blasted for Delayed Response

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Joe Biden delivered remarks on COVID yesterday, marked by lies about Omicron transmission and the unvaccinated, and punctuated by coughing and snapping at reporters.


Biden was asked why it has taken so long to ramp up testing by NBC News/PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor. Biden snapped at her and then claimed it didn’t take long at all; he said that no one could have anticipated how quickly Omicron would spread.

There are a few big problems with Biden’s claim.

First, it conflicts with what the CDC Director said yesterday.


So once again, Biden is saying something which is just not true. Who in this discombobulated administration is worthy of belief when they all seem to lie their heads off and the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing? Of course, they could have anticipated variants — just because there were already variants when they came into office.

But beyond that, at this point, going on almost two years of the virus, you’re saying it just occurred to you that you need testing, with Omicron? Imagine for a moment if President Donald Trump had given that response. We don’t have to imagine it; the liberal media would have ripped him apart.

Indeed, let’s listen to what Joe Biden had to say about testing back in December 2020, a year ago, when he chastised Trump for not having, in his opinion, enough testing after 10 months. So, what is it when you don’t have sufficient testing after a year and 10 months?

Biden then promised 500 million tests, although if you listened to the Build Back Better Twitter propaganda account, you might think he said 1.5 billion.

Experts were criticizing the Biden team for being too late and the numbers not being enough. If you break that down over every American, 500 million is not that many. Plus he says they’re not going to be available until next month; so, no, they’re not on top of anything.


A reporter plumbed that disconnect today with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, pointing out all the issues with what Biden claimed. He just nailed the heck out of Psaki with how haphazard this all is after Biden being 11 months in office. Even the liberal media is beginning to lose patience with Biden at this point.

So, while they announced things yesterday, they won’t have anything up for weeks yet. That’s the Biden Administration in a nutshell: day late and a dollar short.


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