Project Veritas' Epic Response to Rachel Maddow on Ashley Biden's Diary

Project Veritas' Epic Response to Rachel Maddow on Ashley Biden's Diary
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As we covered yesterday, the New York Times managed to confirm that Ashley Biden’s diary was real while doing all it could not to report on the troubling contents of the diary that pertained to Joe Biden. Instead, they tried to go after Project Veritas for their journalistic effort on the diary.

The Times calls Project Veritas a “conservative group,” suggesting there’s a question as to whether they are even journalists. Indeed, they even cast Veritas as supportive of President Donald Trump to suggest this is some kind of illegitimate effort by Trump against Biden as opposed to journalism by Project Veritas.

Rachel Maddow went even further than that, suggesting that Project Veritas’ effort to obtain comment from Joe Biden about the diary was “extortion.”

“It does read, in the excerpts that you published…it does read like an extortion effort,” Maddow said to Michael Schmidt, one of the Times reporters on the story.

Here’s what the request from Project Veritas for comment to Joe Biden allegedly was.

But Project Veritas was still trying to use the diary as leverage. On Oct. 16, 2020, Project Veritas wrote to Mr. Biden and his campaign that it had obtained a diary Ms. Biden had “abandoned” and wanted to question Mr. Biden on camera about its contents that referred specifically to him.

“Should we not hear from you by Tuesday, October 20, 2020, we will have no choice but to act unilaterally and reserve the right to disclose that you refused our offer to provide answers to the questions raised by your daughter,” Project Veritas’ chief legal officer, Jered T. Ede, wrote.

Rachel Maddow isn’t much of a journalist and doesn’t know what a request for comment from a real journalist looks like. So James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’ head, had to school her on it with the perfect response in the form of a Tik Tok video.

O’Keefe noted their letter to Biden was a request for comment, not unlike the request for comment that the Times had sent to Project Veritas before doing their hit piece.

No matter how you slice it, that’s funny stuff right there. It just decimates Maddow, showing how biased she is, not to mention how ignorant of the journalistic process.

O’Keefe’s bit was a take-off on the ‘Ramen guy” video that mocked Chris Cuomo. Cuomo got owned by a guy chomping on uncooked ramen in an amazing viral video. Cuomo said where does it say that protests have to be peaceful?

As the man put the seasoning on his ramen and took a big bite, he pointed to the Constitution behind his head where it had the First Amendment words, “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress.” He says, “It’s the First Amendment. Just gotta look it up, Mr. Co-mo.”

Project Veritas also had another interpretation of Rachel Maddow, which also gets points for accuracy given her clownish ways.

Bottom line, Rachel Maddow wouldn’t know journalism if she tripped over it. All she knows is how to act like a Democratic operative. O’Keefe gloriously exposed that and owned her in the process.

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