Biden Blames His Low Polling on 'Psychological Scars' Americans Have

Biden Blames His Low Polling on 'Psychological Scars' Americans Have
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Joe Biden has been facing some pretty tough polls of late. The latest is the USA Today/Suffolk University Poll, which shows Biden at his lowest approval number yet at 38 percent approval to 59 percent disapproval.

On top of that, the poll shows Kamala Harris even lower than that at 28 to 51 percent.

It’s not just that the approval ratings are so low, it’s that the disapproval is so high.

Biden did a rare interview with a local station out of Cincinnati, Ohio — WKRC — where reporter Kyle Inskeep asked him about the polls. Biden trips all over his words through questions about infrastructure but then he starts getting tense at about 4:14 when the interviewer asks about the polling and the election results from the last week which were very bad for the Democrats.

Biden being Biden, his first response was to deflect/deny. He claimed that just before he came in that he saw another poll that was 48-52 percent. “But look, the point is I didn’t run because of the polls,” he said, while then claiming that his poll numbers were basically the same as “Bush to…Clinton…Obama” all at the same time in office.

But as USA Today noted, Biden’s numbers are lower than anyone else at this point in their term except for President Donald Trump. Unlike Biden, Trump was under constant attack from the liberal media while Biden has been largely coddled by much of the liberal media.

Biden then tried to spin that his low approval/high disproval was because people were just upset. It’s a version of his “People are just confused and really don’t get how wonderful I am” argument. Now, it’s because the people have “psychological scars” from COVID.

From Fox News:

“I don’t think presidents should be deciding what to do about … look … a lot of people are worried. Think about this. Look what 750,000 people have died because of COVID. The psychological scars that has put on so many people. Schools have not been open because of COVID,” Biden said. “We’re in a situation where there’s a lot, a lot, of anxiety. Gas prices are up, exceedingly high … that’s why I have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people.”

“Even though we’ve created almost six million jobs since I came into office, we’re in a situation where people don’t, I mean they don’t feel it right now. They don’t feel it,” he added.

Biden also talked about supply chain issues taking hold across the country.

“One of the problems with supply chain is that because of Covid, we’ve had a real shortage of materials, I mean everything from food stuff to semiconductors. And a lot of the supply chain is brought into the country through our ports,” he said.

Nothing is ever his fault. If you think it is, it’s just because you’re not seeing things psychologically straight. Does this guy even know what he’s saying and that this really doesn’t help his cause when he says things like this? Basically, he just admitted everyone is upset because everything is awful. Um, Joe, who had a hand in that, and what are you doing to resolve anything? You’re just making things worse.

But while Biden spins the polls and blames everyone but himself, the registered voters in the poll delivered him a very definitive message. The best thing he can do for them is leave.

That’s what Biden doesn’t want to face.

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