Jake Tapper Tries to Attack Ted Cruz but Gets Hung by His Own Hypocrisy

Jake Tapper Tries to Attack Ted Cruz but Gets Hung by His Own Hypocrisy
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CNN is just not a real news organization. We see it often but sometimes, it’s more glaring than other times.

Listen as Jake Tapper tries to get Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to attack Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for not wearing a mask inside the Washington National Cathedral during a service for former Sen. Bob Dole, who passed away this past week. Now, you might think that Tapper would stay focused on Dole — which is the news — but then he couldn’t attack Republicans or hype division, which is the only thing that CNN subsists on anymore.

“You were at the funeral for former Senator Bob Dole,” Tapper says. “And you were seated — there’s — there you are. You were seated next to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who, as everybody can see, is not masked, despite rules at the National Cathedral requiring all guests to wear masks indoors. Now, you’re a breast cancer survivor. You’re still recovering, I guess.”

Klobuchar disputed that, saying: “No, I’m 100 percent good now.”

“You’re 100 percent better, but you’re still at risk of infection because of — because of this fight that you won,” Tapper continued, just blowing off what she said. “What was going through your mind there, where Ted Cruz pulls up next to you and doesn’t have a mask on, even though the rules are, please wear a mask to protect you — you wear the masks to protect other people.”

Klobuchar doesn’t exactly give Tapper what he wants because he wants her to say how evil it is, when she’s a cancer survivor, and she refuses to give him that because it’s ridiculous. While she says people should wear masks when they’re supposed to, she also sort of defends Cruz, saying “part of our duty as civic leaders is actually to model behavior because it’s not just about masks. It’s also about vaccines. And Ted Cruz, he’s gotten a vaccine. He gets that.”

She then goes on to redirect focus back to Bob Dole, as she should. That’s what this was supposed to be about — his life and legacy. It’s getting bad when even Democrats are making more sense than CNN hosts.

But why this attack by Tapper was so stupid is two-fold: Jake Tapper is sitting without a mask right next to Klobuchar without a mask, so can someone explain to me how he thinks this is somehow magically different? Further, if we’re talking about masks and modeling behavior, her mask wasn’t on properly and her nose was out of the mask, as this further video makes very clear.

So does anyone want to explain to me the logic here — since that made her effectively maskless as well?

But Tapper wants to chastise Ted Cruz. For what, what he Tapper himself was doing with Klobuchar? If she’s vaccinated and Cruz is vaccinated, what’s the question here?

Tapper also doesn’t note the three other people around Klobuchar and Cruz who are also unmasked or wearing their face diapers around their chins (that you can also see in the video) because attacking them doesn’t fit his political narrative.

Tapper wasn’t the only media person who tried this gambit against Cruz, as we previously noted. But it never got any traction.

Democrats and media playing mask police are silly, and that’s why we’re going to keep pointing out their hypocrisy when they do things like this. But how low of Tapper to be pitching division and attacking Cruz, even at that moment when people are trying to honor Bob Dole. And yes, regarding what Arthur Schwartz notes in the tweet above, earlier in his career, Jake Tapper worked for a firm that repped for Hooters and he was quoted as being a “spokesman” for Hooters.

Former CNN producer Steve Krakauer called out the hypocrisy, too.

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