Bob Dole's Farewell Address Was Hilariously Savage

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

As RedState previously reported, Bob Dole passed away on December 5th, having spent most of his 98 years on this earth serving his country in one way or another. During WWII, Dole was gravely wounded trying to save a fellow soldier. He would eventually recover, though never fully, and become one of the nation’s most prolific public servants.


Of course, even in death, the left just had to get their shots in. MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan decided that the cardinal aspect of Dole’s storied life was that he supported Donald Trump. Others decided to make Dole’s funeral about Ted Cruz deciding not to wear a mask as a fully vaccinated adult.

Yet, in hilarious fashion, Dole’s farewell address kept tweaking the left. In a statement that probably had Hasan breaking out into cold sweats while mumbling about January 6th, the former senator made a joke about election integrity.

What an absolute savage. You have to respect a man who’s willing to exercise a sense of humor at his own funeral, and I think it’s a great thing. This country could use a dose of levity. Too many people are at each others’ throats constantly. That’s not to say debates shouldn’t take place, but at the end of the day, there’s more to life than making a religion of Washington politics. Heck, I write about politics for a living, but if you met me in person, that’s the last thing we’d be talking about.


In short, be the person who has a funeral that makes people laugh, not one that serves as a campaign commercial. Politics is serious business at times, but it’s also not that serious at times. Dole illustrated that perfectly.


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