WH Response on Smollett Verdict Takes Some Kind of Chutzpah

We’ve seen a lot of bad takes from those on the left about the Jussie Smollett case, perhaps chief among them, the awful takes from both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


It’s never a good idea for a politician to weigh in on an ongoing case. People used to understand that. But the Democrats and media jumped all over this case because it fed into the narratives that they wanted to push, to try to bash MAGA people and President Donald Trump, even if the facts never made any sense, from the very beginning.

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if they had “learned any lessons” from “rushing to judgment when a crime is alleged,” Psaki’s response took some kind of chutzpah.


“There are lessons learned, perhaps for everybody who commented at the time, including former President Trump,” Psaki said.

So the folks who constantly attack Trump at every opportunity and claim everything bad under their administration is somehow due to Trump, suddenly want to use him as cover, saying he commented on Smollett as well? How cowardly is that? What would they do without Trump? They would have nothing to say, and their tongues would snap off their rollers from the empty flapping they would have to do.

The difference is Trump said the incident was “horrible,” but he didn’t use it to push a political agenda. He didn’t make up stuff about it, like calling it a “modern-day lynching.” He made a simple human comment that it sounded horrible.

But once again, the White House default position, even in this, is “but Trump.” Notice what is missing from Psaki’s comments as well? There’s no acknowledgment of the lie to smear Trump supporters and how wrong that was — not just to lie about a hate crime but about Trump supporters.


Also, that the lie was from a very prominent liberal and a buddy of Kamala Harris. Where are the apologies to Trump supporters from any of the folks on the left that spread this nonsense? Anyone who believed somehow Trump supporters are roaming the freezing streets of Chicago at 2 a.m., wearing MAGA hats and looking to attack gay black television actors, will believe anything.

This is the Biden administration in a nutshell: they are never able to take responsibility for anything that they do wrong. They haven’t learned anything at all. There are no “lessons” for them to learn in their mind — that’s why Psaki can’t even mention Biden, she had to deflect to Trump.


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