The Receipts Come Due Over the Jussie Smollett Hoax

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Today, a verdict was finally reached in the highly-publicized trial of Jussie Smollett. The hate crime hoaxer was found guilty of five of the six counts against him, and some prison time is likely to follow.


But while Smollett is having a bad night completely of his own making, the left’s evening isn’t going much better. An untold number of mainstream media figures and Democrat politicians got out over their skis regarding Smollett when he first made his false claims. Instead of waiting for the facts, they launched into self-righteous denunciations of their own country, preening about their disgust and the supposed pervasiveness of white supremacy.

Was that driven by honest concern? Of course not. Rather it was driven by a desperation to try to tie the non-occurrence to Donald Trump and Republicans for purely political reasons. That was simply a continuation of the left’s pathology by which they must paint the other side as pure, irredeemable evil.

But now that the truth has been affirmed, the receipts have come due, and hoo boy, there are a lot of them.

As far as I know, all those tweets are still up. There will be no apologies because these people simply have no shame. In fact, Joy Reid, shown in the top right corner there, didn’t even address the Smollett verdict on her show tonight. Yet, when the accusation was first made, she spent weeks obsessing over it, citing the hoax as proof that American is racist. Convenient, right?


You’ll also notice the phrase “modern-day lynching” used several times in the above tweets. Someone with any common sense would have been able to ascertain that Smollett’s claim made no sense and that there’s no way it was actually a failed lynching. But Kamala Harris and Cory Booker do not, in fact, have common sense.

Let’s continue, shall we?

Robby Starbuck is right. What if Smollett wouldn’t have been so sloppy? He very well could have gotten away with what he did had he not pushed his luck at several points. Antagonizing the police and investigators was obviously a really dumb move on his part. Had he not done that, things may have quieted down and it might still be orthodoxy today that Smollett was nearly lynched. It’s crazy to think how close he was to pulling his charade off.

Back to the media, though, there’s more because there’s always more.


Note that Alcindor has recently failed up and now works as a Washington correspondent for NBC News. It’s good to be a far-left activist posing as a journalist I suppose, and for Alcindor, Smollett’s fake claims played right into the narrative she wanted to push and continues to push to this day. Will she apologize or even correct the record? Of course not.

Then there’s CNN’s Brian Stelter, who even after it became clear Smollett was lying, still pushed the idea that we simply didn’t know what happened.

That’s so on-brand it’s scary. Stelter, despite the truth throwing haymakers into his face, kept pushing the narrative that Smollett could be telling the truth. That’s how invested the media is in pushing racial grievance to cause division. The United States is so racist that media outlets have to push disinformation to prove it.

Lastly, let’s end with a clip of Mollie Hemingway discussing just how derelict the media were on this story (and are on so many others as well).


She nailed it. If the media wants to expose the primary source of disinformation in our country, they should look in the mirror because the call is coming from inside the house. The news industry had the chance to do the right thing on the Smollett issue and they just couldn’t help themselves. Journalism was replaced by activism and knee-jerk pronouncements. Now, they’ll pretend it never happened — but the internet is forever.


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