The Jussie Smollett Hoax Encapsulates the Spirit of the Democrat Party

AP Photo/Paul Beaty, File

I remember back in 2019 when the Jussie Smollett hoax first surfaced. From the get-go, the entire story Smollett told us seemed a bit unbelievable, and as time went on it only became more evident that the then-Empire actor was lying.

As I said in my video at the time, none of the claims added up and by the time it was discovered he paid two Nigerian brothers to carry out the assault himself, the left was so deep into the Smollett story that they couldn’t pull out of it. They bet it all on Jussie that they had their smoking gun and that Trump and his supporters were the dangerous racist homophobes they’ve been proclaiming they are.

Funny enough, comedian Dave Chappelle also let on in his comedy special at the time that the black community also didn’t particularly believe Smollett since none of his claims added up at all.

So it’s pretty established at this point that what we have on our hands is an obviously fake hoax about racist, homophobic violence. So obvious, in fact, that Smollett is now likely facing some prison time after being found guilty for five of the six charges brought against him.

Justice is being served, but before we dust our hands off, let’s dive into the reaction from the Democrats, and I don’t just mean the party.

As both Chapelle and I highlighted, the Smollett story became big news when it first came out. Hollywood, Democrat politicians, and LGBT activists alike were parading hashtags, angry tweets, and touching on-set tributes to Smollett demanding “Justice for Jussie.” The mainstream media was only too happy to carry these messages to the general populace in order to work up a serious anger-driven narrative.

Robby Starbuck nailed it in a tweet about the entire reaction to the hoax. It was about winning elections.

In the end, they didn’t really want “justice for Jussie,” what they really cared about was the fostering of the narrative the story had potentially created. To be clear, they wanted the story about Smollett to be true. They wanted our nation to be that racist, that homophobic, and that horrible all around. They hoped that black, gay men were under threat and furthermore, hoped they were under threat from Trump supporters.

If it was that horrible then their narratives would have a grounding in reality and they could not only push that narrative further with full confidence and evidential backing, but they would also be able to finally justify their position as the good guys, which they’ve had a very hard time finding real evidence to support.

Also, the fact that they didn’t wait for the evidence to come out before throwing their support behind Smollett shows they wanted this story to be true, but that’s a bad habit of Democrats. They like to assume what they want the story to be is the truth and buckle down on this version of things before any proof is given. You can ask Nick Sandmann all about that.

This allows for their narrative to get around the world twice before the truth gets its pants on, but that’s another article.

The point is this: The Smollett story is a summary of the Democrat Party.

It’s a fake story ginned up to cause outrage against a group of innocent people that Democrats need to be villains for their narratives to thrive. They can then take that narrative, use it to generate outrage, polarize the country, and farm voters who fell for it all.

None of it was true and all of it was a hoax. The left tried to lie to you in order to manipulate you.

Always remember the Jussie Smollett case as a perfect example of what the Democrat Party is.


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