MSNBC Contributor Lays out 'Federal Takeover' to 'Save' Next Year's Election

MSNBC Contributor Lays out 'Federal Takeover' to 'Save' Next Year's Election
Joy Reid, LaTosha Brown, and Jason Johnson. Credit: MSNBC screenshot

All the signs are indicating that the Republicans are likely to have a huge wave win in the 2022 midterms.

Joe Biden’s numbers are in the basement and polls show that Americans believe Republicans are the better choice than the Democrats.

That doesn’t leave the Democrats with a lot of options at this point. Of course, what they could try to do is listen to what people are saying that they don’t like about their policies and change their policies to things that make more sense. But that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So what they have been trying to do instead is paint lipstick on a pig and get the media to help them out: to paint what they’re doing more positively, as if a lot of the media isn’t already in their pockets. They think if the media is more positive about all the Biden disasters, they can cover it up a little better and not lose so badly in the midterms. The bottom line is that no matter how the media might spin it, Americans are still going to feel the inflation and the bite in their pocketbook.

But one of the MSNBC contributors went even further than just painting the Biden Administration positively during his appearance on Joy Reid’s show. Listen as political contributor Dr. Jason Johnson talks about what amounts to a federal takeover of elections in Texas to “save next year’s election.”

“This is an emergency,” Johnson said. He then goes on to say what the Biden team needs to do is send in federal officials.

And I know this is something that hasn`t been done in 50 or 60 years, but you know what happened when the federal government said, hey, Brown vs. Board of Education, we have got to integrate schools? They sent troops. They sent federal officials to places and said, you will let black children into the school.

This administration can say, we have concerns about how elections are being conducted in this particular state. We`re going to send officials down there. We`re going to send election observers. If we think that people`s civil rights are being violated, we will do a federal takeover.

I know lots of people are going to scream about this. The right-wingers are going to scream. This is what the federal government is supposed to do. If states are violating people`s civil rights, you`re supposed to step in.

And we know perfectly well that the courts alone are not going to be good enough for this, because by the time this gets up to the handmaiden and all those other people hiding in the Supreme Court, they`re going to say that what Texas is doing is fine.

So in order for this government, for the Biden administration to save next year`s elections, they`re going to have to get aggressive and they`re going to have to get creative about protecting people`s rights.

Let’s be clear on what’s being said here. No one is being denied the right to vote except in someone’s fevered imagination. Translate what Johnson is saying: Even if the court finds there isn’t a problem, Johnson is saying that the Biden administration is going to have to step in on its own to initiate a federal takeover to “save” the elections. Talk about an “attack on democracy” — you’re hearing it being laid out in front of you. He’s saying ignore any court finding and impose federal will. Yes, Dr. Johnson, the right is likely to scream about such an improper and unconstitutional action to try to undermine the election.

Given what we’ve already seen happen with the flexing of the power of the federal government since Biden has come in, I don’t doubt at all that he could try something like this, particularly as they get more and more desperate to win.

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