Another Actor Speaks out Against the Mandate After Getting Booted by 'General Hospital'

Ron Tom

Earlier this month, I wrote about Ingo Rademacher being fired from the soap “General Hospital” after 25 years because he refused to comply with their vaccine mandate. Rademacher played Jasper “Jax” Jacks.


Now, another actor on the show has announced that he, too, has been fired. Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan, and has been on the show, off and on, since 1991, was also fired for refusing to comply with the mandate.

Burton said his requests for an exemption had been denied. But he would not comply because this “is about personal freedom for me.” But he said, “I don’t think anyone should lose their livelihood over this.”

“I’ll always be grateful for my time there,” Burton declared. “I believe when one door closes, multiple doors open. I’m excited to see what the future brings, and maybe one day when these mandates are lifted I can return and finish my career as Jason Morgan. That would be an honor, and if not, I’m going to take this amazing experience, move forward and be forever grateful.”

Rademacher had also spoken out against the mandates, calling for medical freedom.

He also wrote in an Instagram Story, per Deadline: “If we don’t send a strong message to the Biden Administration to reverse course immediately where do you think this ends guys? With Booster No. 25? Nope. Vaccine passports and more segregation is on its way right now. Wakey Wakey.”


It’s insane that, after so many years on the show, they would be fired like this. But it also says something about their principles that they refuse to go along with such a mandate and in the process, are willing to lose jobs that they have had for so long.

On top of all that, Burton has already had the Wuhan virus in August, so likely has antibodies. That apparently didn’t matter to the anti-science hacks behind the axe. Also around that time, one of his fellow actors on the show, the very liberal Nancy Lee Grahn, called on SAG-AFTRA to address the issue of working “on a set with unmasked, unvaccinated actors.”

Burton received a lot of support from some of his fellow actors who worked with him on the show. Some were not afraid to specifically support that choice. I wanted to take note of that because in the highly politically charged nature of this and the very liberal bent of Hollywood, that’s also rare. So good for them for supporting their friend.

Rademacher of course chimed in with, “Well said my friend.”

Maurice Bernard, who plays Sonny Corinthos: “It takes Lotta guts i wil miss you.”

Johnny Wactor, who plays Brando: “Love you brother. I support you and your choice in every way. Wishing you back here.”


Chad Brannon, who played Zander: “So sorry Steve. Way to stand for personal freedom. And great word of gratitude. 🙌🏽 Great perspective.”

Carolyn Hennesy, who plays Diane, stated, “I also want to say this: I love Steve Burton. Politics absolutely aside from anything (because it’s not about that at the moment, it’s about loss,) he’s a kind, smart, funny, caring human who always made me feel terrific as an actor and friend. I will miss him something fierce.”

Further point of ridiculousness? There are three other soaps currently running. None of the other three are mandating the vaccine. Only General Hospital is throwing their people out after so many years.


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