'General Hospital' Star Let Go After 25 Years for Refusing to Comply With Vaccine Mandate

Ingo Rademacher (Credit: Ingo Rademacher)

Ingo Rademacher has played Jasper “Jax” Jacks on the long-running soap “General Hospital” for the past 25 years, since 1996.

But apparently, loyalty means nothing when it comes to the powers that be that run the show.


Rademacher has refused to comply with the show’s vaccine mandate. Indeed, not only that, but he’s spoken out actively against the mandates, advocating for “medical freedom” and hashtagging an Instagram post with “#nomandates” and “#coersion is not consent”

He also wrote in an Instagram Story, per Deadline: “If we don’t send a strong message to the Biden Administration to reverse course immediately where do you think this ends guys? With Booster No. 25? Nope. Vaccine passports and more segregation is on its way right now. Wakey Wakey.”

Leftists started a campaign against him because of his anti-mandate stance calling on the show to fire him with the hashtag #FireIngo. He spoke out against them for that action, saying that he would never try to do that to other people because they had a difference of opinion, but the folks on the left believe it’s their way or the highway. If you stand up, they will try to run you over.


Just a note, he’s not calling fans morons as the tweet claims, he’s calling the people who were trying to get him fired that.

But apparently, that was too much for the show and he’s out, with his last episode to run on November 22.

Rademacher also stirred up some controversy when he shared a post on social media from commentator Allie Beth Stuckey that was a defense of Winsome Sears but also referred to Rachel Levine, Joe Biden’s assistant secretary for health, as a “dude.” After Winsome Sears won the historic position of Lt. Governor of Virginia last week, some on the left tried to paint her somehow as basically a “black white supremacist” – an insane imaginary designation designed to attack anyone who disagrees with how folks on the left think a black woman should act. She stood up to folks like Joy Reid and challenged her to have her on her show.


While some in media attributed Rademacher’s separation from the show to that post, it actually occurred before that because of his position on the vaccine. But that post earned him even more attacks from those on the left who called it “transphobic.” Rademacher said he shared the meme to show “the hypocrisy of the left wing media.”

“What I have a problem with is not having open discussion about things,” Rademacher said. “The left just shuts everything down. And I have a real problem with that.

It was his costar, rabid leftist Nancy Lee Grahn, who let out the fact that he had been separated from the show and she made clear that she was happy about it. Not a very nice way to treat a colleague of 25 years. But again, leftism trumps all in their minds.



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