Waukesha Police Officially Name Lone Suspect in Parade Attack, Say He 'Intentionally' Drove Into Crowd

Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson speaks during press update on Waukesha attack (Credit: Fox)

We reported on the press conference last night they had on the Waukesha Christmas parade attack and now they just had another one. This one confirmed some important information.


Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson said a lone subject intentionally drove his vehicle, killed five, and injured 48, two of whom are children and are in critical condition. The suspect was involved in a domestic disturbance shortly before the incident. One officer fired shots at the vehicle but did not fire more so as not to endanger other people because of the crowds.

The police said that they arrested the subject shortly after the incident, they are confident he acted alone, and there is no evidence this was a terrorist incident. The power outage was due to the wind yesterday. The police also said there was no pursuit that led up to this incident, as CBS had suggested about a fleeing suspect. So anyone trying to suggest something else is just promoting nonsense.


The police identified the fatalities, listing the names and ages. They were all older people.

Victims were transported to six different hospitals. Police also noted that the number of people wounded might go up.

They now have named Darrell E. Brooks as the suspect, and have filed charges of intentional homicide against him. We previously reported that they had taken him into custody, some of his long record, as well as some of his social media. As we noted, he was out on bond from an incident that already involved bail jumping.

Responding to questions, police refused to say if Brooks had made any comments because they didn’t want to jeopardize the investigation. Police said there was a report about the domestic disturbance having to do with a knife but they didn’t have a chance to investigate that. The chief said Brooks drove right through the barricades.


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