Things Get Violent Outside the Courthouse at the Rittenhouse Trial

Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

We’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the drama in the courtroom in the Rittenhouse trial.

While that’s been going on, there’s been a little drama building on the outside of the building.


There have been people rallying outside, chanting both for and against Kyle Rittenhouse, probably loud enough for the jury to hear them inside, as they could be heard inside the courtroom.

Now it would seem a pretty bad idea to allow people to get so close that they could potentially intimidate the jury like that. But apparently, no one is concerned about that there.

Yesterday, it got a little crazy outside the courthouse, when a BLM supporter with a “F**k Kyle” shirt attacked a pro-Rittenhouse person calling her an obscene name.

Warning for graphic language:

Another BLM person then tried to grab the pro-Rittenhouse person’s signs. Then the guy with the “F**k Kyle” shirt waded in to struggle with the woman and grab the signs, as well. One of the media people intervened to help the woman being besieged and got picked up and body-slammed for his troubles. Multiple people were then arrested including at least two BLM people. One of the people was the kid in the anti-Kyle shirt. Imagine, as you listen to this craziness, that all of this is right outside the building.


Here’s another angle where you can see the body slamming.

An older BLM man was trying to steer the younger BLM folks away from trouble but they just kept getting into it and he only had so many hands.

Here, another BLM person dumped Gatorade on a pro-Kyle person’s head.

There was a moment of unity before all the above craziness when the BLM folks and the pro-Kyle people shared pizza together.

RevCom — the Revolutionary Communist group — has also been there. This video is from the day before, touting the men who Kyle Rittenhouse shot as heroes. Even their chant for change sounds tired.


Now, if they had listened to the facts, you would think they might know better, but they really don’t care about the facts, because it’s about the chaos for some of these folks.

The jury deliberations continue today. Yesterday, there were jury questions including about wanting to see the videos of the incident. The judge also chastised the media. There were also arguments related to the defense’s contention that the prosecution withheld more high definition video from them.

We’ll see if we get a verdict today, but it’s clear there are still some folks amped up and willing to get violent, regardless of the facts.


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