Reporter's Concerning Comment About Danger to Sinema From Dems

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has been the object of a lot of harassment from the left for her principled stand against the massive spending in the Build Back Better bill, as well as multiple aspects of the plan that she found problematic.


Radical leftists have followed her into a bathroom and filmed, followed her onto a plane and harangued her in her seat, even showing up and screeching at a wedding where Sinema was officiating. They refused to leave — even when the bride’s mother pleaded with them, almost in tears, to not destroy her daughter’s wedding.

But a tweet from an Arizona Republic reporter today suggests that Sinema not only has to worry about crazy leftist activists, but other Democrats, as well.

The reporter’s tweet read, “Senator Sinema was at Grant Woods’ memorial service; one observer noted it’s pretty risky to drop into a crowd of Democrats at a time like this.”

So, what does that say, that someone believes that Sinema could be at risk at a memorial service — from other Democrats? Obviously, the reporter took it seriously enough to comment on it, although she didn’t provide the name of the “observer” who made the comment.


Is that really where Democrats are at, at this point, that they would assail her at a funeral? And if it is, that says a lot about how far over the edge Democrats have gone. Nobody should be doing anything at a funeral except showing respect for the dead. If you’re using that as an opportunity to attack someone in any way, you really need to check yourself because you are the bad person, not Sinema. This is pretty vile.

But some on the left have stated their goal when it comes to harassing Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), calling on people to harass them so that they don’t have a moment’s peace. At this point, it’s just straight-up stalking which could  — and should — be criminally prosecuted.

If Sinema has to worry about attending the funeral or memorial for a friend, Democrats have a very serious problem on their hands with the crazy in their own party.

But, they aren’t doing anything to rectify the crazy; They’ve only been allowing it to take greater hold, more and more. We see that even when it comes to their reaction about the harassment of Sinema — when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reportedly refused to condemn it unless there was also something in the statement about her being ‘wrong’ on the Build Back Better bill and Joe Biden suggested that this was just something everyone had to deal with. That alone shows what trouble they are in.



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