Media Reveals Just How Misleading They Can Be When It Comes to Rittenhouse Coverage

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

We’ve written before about how the prosecution seems to have been imploding its own case in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. There was the opening statement where the prosecutor, Thomas Binger, claimed that Rittenhouse was chasing Joseph Rosenbaum rather than the truth that it was the other way around. Then he questioned his own witnesses without seeming to know what they would answer — with Richie McGinniss saying Rosenbaum lunged at Rittenhouse, said “F**k you!” and grabbed Rittenhouse’s gun and Ryan Balch saying Rosenbaum threatened to kill him and Rittenhouse.


Today was perhaps the capper of them all that completely blew up the case. The defense was questioning Gaige Grosskreutz — the third man Rittenhouse shot. Grosskreutz admitted that he advanced on Rittenhouse and pointed the gun at him and it was only after that, that Rittenhouse shot him. Check out the reaction of one of the prosecutors as well as the court stenographer, it’s priceless.

Now, for anyone covering the trial, that would be the highlight reel of the day. Perhaps of the whole trial. Certainly, the main thing that the media should highlight, right?

Perhaps not so much. Let’s take a look into how the media reported Grosskreutz’s testimony today. We know many just read the headlines and this is what they would see. Not to mention, the stories themselves leave out critical facts or are inaccurate in part.

Then there’s this incredible departure from reality headline.


Heavily-armed? Rittenhouse had one gun, Grosskreutz had one gun. Why is one described as “heavily-armed” and the other isn’t?

They apparently missed the part about Grosskreutz admitting Rittenhouse didn’t shoot until he pointed the gun at him.

Here are the headlines of Reuters and the Washington Post. Reuters runs Grosskreutz claiming he tried to disarm Rittenhouse.

How? By pointing his gun at him?

Here’s a take from the local Fox station out of North Carolina, WGHP Fox 8.

Notice they cut away from the depiction of the action just before Rittenhouse is attacked, claiming his “arms were raised” when Rittenhouse shot him.

You get the idea and that’s a reasonable sample of what they’re shoveling out.

We see how media is portraying the trial today so we can see just how misleading it is because we know what happened at the trial. We can’t always see all the facts in a story that the media reports on in the way we did here. Yet, this is how they are casting the trial? Are they kidding? And they wonder why Americans no longer trust them? This is a perfect example of why.


But if they were being honest about what happened today at the trial, this would be a much more accurate portrayal of what occurred for the prosecution.



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