Joe Biden Appears to Fall Asleep as His Hypocrisy Rages at 'Climate' Conference

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

While you are paying exorbitant amounts for gas and home heating, the world’s elites took to their private jets today to save the “climate.” In what has been a stunning display of hypocrisy, massive motorcades led to the meeting hall as chauffeured cars sat idling outside.


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In fact, Joe Biden is reported to have been part of an 85-car parade leading him to the opening day. But those poor people burning dung in Africa better cut their emissions or we are all going die. Makes sense, right?

As I wrote yesterday, this entire thing is a joke. The administration has admitted that they have no commitments from China (or India). What that means is that everything going on at the COP26 is pure theater because without China on board, the IPCC’s goals simply can’t be met.

And as if to confirm my assertion, Joe Biden appeared to fall asleep today during the opening speeches. Ladies and gentlemen, The President of the United States.


I can’t wait for CNN’s “fact-checker” to insist he’s actually just resting his eyes here because you know it’s coming. What you see is Biden doze off for a full minute before one of his staffers comes by and wakes him up.

But really, Biden appearing to fall asleep isn’t the big point I want to make here. Rather, it’s that these world leaders are no more interested in this stuff than the average American. Democrats feel they must treat climate change as a life or death issue because their base demands it. Yet, when it comes time to lead by example, they burn more carbon in a day than most do in a year. And when it comes time to focus like a laser beam on the issue, they pass out during the opening remarks.

Lastly, while I understand the censor scolds want this article to be about denying the existence of climate change so they can flag this article, that’s not what I’m doing here. There are plenty of past articles in which I’ve given my views on that matter. What’s in question here is exactly what should be done at the governmental level and whether the suggested actions and goals make any sense. Politicians that jet-set off to lavish conferences are not taking the matter seriously, and they are doing nothing to produce confidence in their prescriptions.


That Biden can’t even remain awake during the COP26 is yet more evidence of just how much of this is manufactured. I’m am not saying you can’t believe in catastrophic climate change, but humans have the ability to adapt. A discussion of what that would look like should be on the table. Further, and just as importantly, Western nations have no ability to make China do anything. Thus, kneecapping the United States economy for what amounts to one big virtue signal is idiotic, in my view.


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