Andy Ngo Finally Gets Some Justice Against Antifa

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If you’ve been following the Antifa action over the past two years in Portland, you know that journalist Andy Ngo has been an indispensable asset for providing accurate news, when the media has sometimes been less than happy to cover the issue — or often, less than accurate on what has occurred.


That made him a target of the Antifa crowd. He’s been chased and/or attacked multiple times in the performance of his job. One of the attacks left him with a serious head injury, according to his reports. Another time he was attacked and chased into a hotel.

But now, finally, Ngo appears to have gotten at least a little bit of justice, in another case that happened about a month before the incident where he sustained the head injury. In this earlier incident, he was allegedly attacked at a gym and according to the indictment, had his phone taken from him.

John Colin Hacker has now been charged with third-degree robbery, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

From Fox News:

Conservative author Andy Ngo said Friday that a man who allegedly attacked him and took his cellphone at a gym has been charged.

“I hope last week’s indictment of Mr Hacker signals a change in the prosecutor’s office in Portland,” Ngo said in a news release distributed Friday by the Center for American Liberty, which is representing him in a lawsuit against an Antifa group. “For years, too many violent extremists falsely claiming to be fighting for ‘racial justice’ have gotten away with campaigns of terror and violence against journalists and citizens.”

Footage from the incident shows a man attempting to snatch the cellphone of the person filming him inside the gym, according to a tweet posted by Ngo showing the alleged attack.

“I will break your (expletive) phone,” someone is heard saying during the encounter.


Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon, the CEO of the Liberty Center, indicated it was about time, telling Fox News, “Two years later, this is finally a step in the right direction for the rule of law in Portland, where Antifa has been operating with impunity.”

“There is still a long road ahead for the justice that Andy Ngo deserves,” she added. “Andy has endured years of harassment, serious threats on his life and the inability to live in his hometown at the hands of these domestic terrorists. This is a good start, but we’re hoping to see more of these actions.”

It’s not clear why it’s taken so long to get the man charged.

Part of the problem with getting justice not just for Ngo, but for any action involving Antifa has been the far left nature of the government and the Multnomah D.A., Mike Schmidt. Even if Antifa were arrested they would be quickly released, many often not even charged.

Now, more Democrats are moving away from the “Defund the Police” idea that has hurt their cities. The reason they’re moving away from it is not because of that or any great concern about people being hurt. The reason they’re moving away from it is that it’s hurting them politically in the eyes of the public.

The Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler is now even talking about hiring more police. But this is the same guy who undercut the police with various moves last year, as Ngo points out.


Now let’s hope that’s a sign of some real change for the future. We’ll believe it when we see it from Ted Wheeler. He talks a lot, and then has precious little positive action.

But with a little justice for Ngo, let’s hope there are more steps in the right direction.



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