Portland Antifa Chases and Attacks Man Believed to Be Andy Ngo

AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

Antifa was out in Portland last night, marking the anniversary of the start of their nightly rioting in the city following the death of George Floyd last year. Their rioting continued without stopping for more than 100 days. The rioting, while not every night, continues with the city being largely ineffective in dealing with it.


According to Oregon Live, about 100 people gathered at Revolution Hall and marched through the city. Then a smaller group gathered at the Multnomah Justice Center, where some threw eggs at the building. Two arrests were made near the Justice Center.

Just before midnight, some of the radicals became convinced that one person in their group was journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo has done extensive reporting on Antifa, in particular, Portland Antifa. The man was reportedly dressed in black bloc with ski goggles and wearing a Black Lives Matter flag. About a dozen people chased him and tackled him. Then they hit him repeatedly.

The man took refuge in the Nines Hotel from where he called the police, according to the Portland Tribune’s Zane Sparling.

But Antifa people chased him into the hotel and threatened him there, before being thrown out of the hotel.


Warning for graphic language.

“You thought the milkshakes were bad last time? We’re going to beat the f*** out of you, bitch,” shouted one of the people who had chased him into the hotel. That referenced a prior incident where Antifa attacked Ngo and caused him serious injury after hitting him in the head.

Antifa were furious that they were unable to get into the hotel and pounded on the hotel, demanding he come out.

But riot police then showed up in force at the Nines and arrested at least one person. The man got medical attention and was then able to leave the hotel.

Ngo has not confirmed it was him and has not posted on Twitter since the incident.

Portland Antifa has previously accosted and accused another Asian man of being Andy Ngo.

Warning for graphic language.


Antifa thinks that they chased Ngo. But whether it was him or not, this shows how successful that Ngo has become against them, that Ngo is living rent free in Antifa heads, that his coverage of them has made them see him everywhere, whether he’s there or not, like the Shadow.

No, Antifa, not every Asian man is Andy Ngo. But there are a lot of people who will now call out your nonsense whether they are Andy Ngo or not. It also shows how vile and violent they are that they would chase him and try to attack him because they don’t like that he actually reports on what they really do. They like to pretend they’re mostly peaceful and a lot of liberal media comply with portraying them that way. But once again, they effectively take off their masks and show us who they really are.


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