White House's Take on How Americans Are Reacting to Inflation Shows They Don't Really Care

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The White House has been constantly gaslighting us on the question of inflation.

They’ve been telling us that it’s “transitory.” They even told us last month that if you don’t count things like beef, pork, and poultry — you know, those things that Americans eat — then prices might be pretty much normal. Oh. Yes, if you just forget about eating, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Of course, the hard facts of the numbers blow up those kinds of deflections.


The White House really thinks they can say anything and people will buy it. The sad thing is that that’s probably true. There probably are some people on the left who will buy just about anything they say. But most sane people see that there’s a problem when they avoid questions, deflect, or just throw some spin out there that doesn’t answer the question.

Take the comments from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki today.

As we’ve reported, inflation is out of control, but Psaki claims that Americans aren’t comparing prices from now with one or two years ago (e.g. noticing how things are higher now).

Oh, really? It seems like that’s exactly what everyone is doing. They know it’s costing them more under Joe Biden for a lot of items, across the board, from food to other essential items like gas. They’re comparing to two years, one year, two months, you name it — the American people see what’s happening.


And “it’s the economy, stupid,” as another Democratic White House used to say. It’s always ultimately about the economy and how it hits people in the pocketbook. People notice when they have less at the end of the month. They notice when they’re at the grocery store, and it costs them $50 more for the same items than it did a few months ago.

That’s why Biden is in such trouble now. Because yes, Jen, they are comparing, and Biden is not faring well in that comparison, as we can tell from his cratering polls including specifically on inflation and the economy. The American people were already tagging Biden with the problem in August: 79% blamed Biden’s government policies for the spike in inflation, 86% of Americans were concerned with inflation, another huge number. The poll showed that rising prices are starting to hit people hard. Seventy percent said that rising grocery prices had caused them financial hardship, with 67% saying that about gas prices, as well. And the prices have mainly gotten higher since then.

But when the White House spins things with remarks like they did today, they’re officially signaling they don’t really care what you think, when they treat your concerns with such dismissive disdain.


Then, of course, more lying about what’s actually going on makes it worse.

Here’s Psaki lying about gas prices, denying that they are going up everywhere.

Even according to CNN, that’s a bunch of malarkey. The national average price for gasoline hit a fresh, seven-year high of $3.27 a gallon on Monday, up by seven cents in the past week alone, according to AAA. Gas has nearly doubled since bottoming at $1.77 in April 2020.

Not only is that hitting people at the pump, but with the surge in prices of natural gas, that’s going to hit Americans hard with the rise in energy prices. As we reported, it may cost as much as 54% more than compared to last winter. And guess who it was that shut down things like the Keystone Pipeline, making us less energy independent? While at the same time removing sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, allowing it to be built and helping Russia. That’s on Joe Biden. He had to go crawling — hat in hand — begging OPEC to pump more oil. Apparently, pumping oil is bad when the U.S. does it, but not when any other country does it.



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