Psaki Does Her Best to Spin Damaging Admission About Biden From John Kerry

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

You may recall the story about how mad the French were at the Biden Administration because of losing a submarine deal with us to Australia. Indeed, they were so unhappy about how it had been handled, they recalled their ambassador to the U.S. in a huge upbraiding of the Biden team.


That happened on September 17, the day that Joe Biden took off for a long weekend at the beach.

But John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, was giving an interview to the French and he told the French that Joe Biden had “literally not been aware” of the situation.

“He asked me,” Kerry said. “He said, ‘What’s the situation?’ And I explained exactly, uh… He was he had not been aware of that, he literally, literally had not been aware of what had transpired. And I don’t want to go into the details of it…” But he said that Biden wanted to do what he could to repair the situation.

Now I’m not sure what Kerry thought he was doing, but it really can’t have been very reassuring to the French that he seemed to be essentially saying, “Hey, look, we really didn’t mean to snub you, it was just that Joe Biden had no idea what was going on.” It surely wasn’t reassuring to Americans when they heard that interview that Biden, who claims foreign policy as one of his bailiwicks, had no idea what was going on according to one of his closest advisers. Now, of course, the thought that Joe Biden is a foreign policy expert is a myth that runs only in his own mind. As the Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” But here, he was allegedly not just wrong, but also ignorant, according to Kerry.


That, of course, raises another big question: If he didn’t know that, what else doesn’t he know? And why didn’t he know it?

So Fox’s Peter Doocy put the question to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki today: What else are you not telling Biden? Watch Jen Psaki try to not completely melt down as a result.

Of course “he was aware,” Psaki claimed, not explaining why, then, Kerry said he wasn’t. “This President’s first love is foreign policy, so why doesn’t he know about these things in real-time?” Doocy asked and Psaki continued to insist he knew.

Jen Psaki is really starting to rival Baghdad Bob in unbelievability, but with a lot of arm movements to fake sincerity.

Bottom line? So either Kerry was telling stories (not good — then why does he still have a job?) or Psaki is lying now (not good). But in any event, someone screwed this up badly because, once again, they don’t appear to have been upfront about what was going on to the French — that’s why the French were so ticked off. It’s a problem we saw with how Biden dealt with the rest of the allies in Afghanistan, as well.


So one more story of utter confusion in the Biden Administration. Unfortunately for us, I doubt it will be the last.


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