Biden Runs Away to the Beach, but Protesters in Del Rio Won't Let Him Forget

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As we reported, Joe Biden left the White House early yesterday to take off for a long weekend at his beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

So, forget about the Americans being held hostage in Mazar-i-Sharif, the French recalling their ambassador, and the massive border crisis going out of control right now in Del Rio, Biden needs his beach time.


Interesting that he also beat it out of town before the military admitted that they had screwed up royally, that the drone strike that killed a family with several children hadn’t taken out any ISIS members. It was just a huge mistake. Biden was told before the military announcement, but he apparently felt no need to have to address it at all publicly. Or more exactly, his handlers didn’t want him to address it and cause another opportunity for gaffes.

But, while Biden may think he’s avoiding all these issues while he’s at the beach, the issues continue.

Here are Fox’s Bill Melugin’s incredible pictures from today.


Melugin is really showing how there is no effective border — that it’s completely open, and anyone could be coming in. Meanwhile, the number of people under the International Bridge is growing and is now up to 14,000.

But, even if Biden and the border czar Kamala Harris appear to be ignoring it all, people who live in the area are not. As we noted, the city’s Democratic mayor, Bruno Lozano, had been begging Biden for help. Here he is, laying out some of the problems.

Biden’s been ignoring Lozano’s pleas for months.

But now the people of Del Rio themselves have come out and are protesting Biden’s lack of action.


As we noted, the attention from Fox may finally be getting some action from the Biden team. The administration claimed that they would be deporting some of the people — by flying them back to Haiti.

But again, as with everything in regard to the Biden team, don’t believe it until you see it. Because they also announced that some of the folks are going to be flown – not to Haiti, but to be processed in other places that are not overwhelmed like Del Rio.

So, it’s a shell game. They’ll remove them from the visual in Del Rio to make the numbers go down, but they’ll still be getting into the country — just at another entry point. We need accountability and action to alleviate this crisis.


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