Hunter Biden Was at His Art Show, Despite WH Claims He Wouldn't Know Who Buyers Were

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The White House previously announced that they had constructed an “ethics deal” whereby Hunter Biden and Joe Biden wouldn’t know who was buying his art, that his art dealer would handle the sales and he wouldn’t be told. That way, they argued, it would be “ethical.”


They didn’t rule out that the buyers could tell Hunter who they were and that he could find out from other means.

The White House left out that they shouldn’t be involved in this at all if they truly wanted to be ethical and have clean hands. If they’re constructing the deal, then they are involved and they are on the hook now for anything that might occur as a result.

Now, the Daily Mail is reporting that Hunter Biden was at his art show meeting with buyers and celebrities in attendance. Two hundred people were invited so there’s also a list of who presumably was in attendance. Included among the guests were Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, musician Moby, and the artist who did the Barack Obama HOPE poster, Shepard Fairey. The show was at Milk Studios in Hollywood on Friday. Reports have said that the art might run between $75,000 and $500,000 and included paintings, photography, and video.

So it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who a buyer was if you met the invitees. Garcetti was recently nominated for US ambassador to India by Biden. Just a coincidence, I’m sure and that’s the problem with all this — now it raises questions that, if you were being truly ethical, wouldn’t be there.

According to the Daily Mail, Secret Service were everywhere. Nice to know that we’re supporting the security for Hunter’s show, as well.


Proof of vaccination was required, but few wore masks.

That last piece looks like he took apart a Rubik’s cube.

The Daily Mail also said it was unclear if anyone actually bought anything. That would be the funniest thing of all if, after all this, no one bought anything.

It’s unusual to have those kinds of prices for a new artist, so it’s all related to who he is — being the son of Joe Biden.

Two former White House ethics chiefs have also voiced concerns that buyers could try to curry influence with the president by buying his son’s work for inflated sums.

Sebastian Smee, the Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize–winning art critic, likened Hunter’s art to that of ‘a cafe painter’ in a CNN interview.

‘You see a certain kind of art in coffee shops, and some of it is OK and a lot of it is bad, and sometimes it’s surprisingly good. But you wouldn’t, unless you were related to the artist, spend more than $1,000 on it,’ Smee said.

While the New York Times described Hunter’s pieces as ‘leaning towards the surreal,’ Smee jibed: ‘People sometimes say ‘surreal’ when they mean ‘random.’


Even the Obama ethics chief found a problem with the involvement of the White House and the claim that the deal they had worked out was somehow more ethical, saying it was “absolutely appalling.”

Meanwhile, remember that question of Hunter Biden divesting from the Chinese company with links to the government that he had been involved with? According to Jen Psaki, he’s still “working to wind that down.”

He’ll finish after Joe Biden is out of office. Meanwhile, things are heating up with threats of China against Taiwan. But I’m sure there’s no problem with having this big red flag out there, hanging over Hunter and Joe Biden. Because they care about ethics.


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