COVID Craziness of Day: Lt. Gov. Candidate Violently Thrown Through a Metal Detector at Meeting in Nevada

Lt. Gov. candidate Mack Miller after being violently thrown out of meeting (Credit: Ryan Kibby)

Things are getting out of hand around the world when it comes to COVID craziness.

We’ve seen how wild it’s been getting in Melbourne, Australia, which seems to be the epicenter of depriving of rights and restrictions right now.


But we’ve seen it get pretty crazy here, too.

At a Clark County Commissioner’s meeting in Nevada, they had a vote, declaring 5-2, that spreading COVID misinformation was a public health crisis. Just that decision indicates that the commissioners have an issue. That would make me wonder why are they passing such a thing and what information are they now thinking they need to suppress? Who gets to declare what “misinformation” is?

Now, their lawyer said that the provision didn’t include any “punishment” provisions for “misinformation.” But the agenda only said lawmakers were going to “discuss approving a resolution declaring health misinformation a public health crisis; and take any action deemed appropriate.” So what kind of appropriate action would they be considering taking?

So, some of the folks weren’t believing the lawyer, thinking this was a slippery slope. Protesters at the meeting called the vote a violation of their First Amendment rights, presenting only one narrative.

Then things started getting really out of hand. Some of the folks started chanting “Resign!” at the commissioners who voted for the resolution. A GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, Mack Miller, joined the protesters. The security then began to try to clear the room.

At some point, a confrontation occurred between the security and Miller, with the security then physically removing him from the room and pushed him through a metal detector, causing the metal detector to fall over.


The tweet and video mistakenly identify him as the Lt. Governor. You can see how out-of-hand it gets.

This was Miller’s first-hand video of the incident where he seems to be telling them to stop pushing him.

Warning for graphic language:

Miller lay on the ground, appearing to be hurt, while many screamed around him at the security for what they did and said to call for an ambulance.

Pro tip to the commissioners? You don’t send a good message with things like this, you don’t make people think that you really care about the rights of people or free speech. Yes, if someone gets out of hand at a meeting, maybe you ask them to leave and/or move them out. Throwing them into a metal detector? Not a good move.


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