COVID Craziness in Melbourne: Elderly Woman Thrown to Ground by Police, Construction Workers Attack Union Office

COVID Craziness in Melbourne: Elderly Woman Thrown to Ground by Police, Construction Workers Attack Union Office
Anti-lockdown protesters take on police in Melbourne, Australia. Credit: David Estcourt/Twitter

We reported yesterday on some of the continuing craziness coming out of Australia in regard to COVID lockdowns and restrictions. There was a big anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne during which police began pepper spraying the crowd and then the crowd stampeded right over them.

Several police officers were injured and 235 people were arrested which is a huge amount. Most of the arrests were for breaking “health restrictions.”

Now we have more video showing how out of hand it got — with police targeting journalists with pepper spray and even throwing an elderly woman who wasn’t threatening them in any way to the ground. Then two cops pepper-sprayed her right in the face as she lay on the ground hurt and unable to defend herself. You can see the old woman in red being thrown to the ground on this video.

Other cops did come to help her later but that whole action was just wrong, as was spraying and appearing to target the journalists who were the only folks within range of the police at that moment on the video.

There was more violence and craziness when construction workers protested their own union, CFMEU, for not standing up for them against mandatory vaccination requirements to be able to work. They’re required to have at least one shot by Thursday.

Warning for graphic language:

Then it got crazy.

Police came out and shot at the workers, allegedly with rubber bullets.

Now, the premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, is going to punish the construction workers for resisting. They are shutting down the construction industry for two weeks, according to The Age. If you resist, the government will make sure you don’t work.

From The Age:

Industrial Relations Minister Tim Pallas said the decision had been driven by multiple outbreaks linked to the industry, as well as “widespread non-compliance” with COVID safety rules.

“We put the industry on notice just a week ago, we have seen appalling behaviour on site and on our streets, and now we’re acting decisively and without hesitation,” he said in a statement.

So this is how they will try to force compliance. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to work.

Wasn’t Australia once a free society? Not so much anymore.

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