Biden Pulls out the Lamest Excuse Ever to Limit His Activities at the UN General Assembly

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Joe Biden is giving a speech at the UN today, so you know that’s likely to be an acid bath of gaffes and ridiculous comments.


Biden has been avoiding questions for days because of all the disasters.

You had to know that his people were freaking out as to how to employ the “wall” to prevent any further gaffes or mistakes on his part — to limit his exposure by limiting the events.

So they’ve pulled out one of the worst excuses ever. Here it is from UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

From PJ Media:

In a press conference Friday, she said, ‘We are concerned about the U.N. event being a superspreader event, and that we need to take all measures to ensure that it does not become a superspreader event.” During the presser, she also said Biden’s attendance at the meeting would be short due to the pandemic precluding opportunities for many meetings during the General Assembly.

Now, either the vaccination and masking work or they don’t. Yet Biden himself keeps attacking them in this way.

Of course, we’ve seen Democrats frequently blowing off COVID rules making clear that they don’t think the rules apply to them. Just you have to follow them — they don’t. We saw after Joe Biden imposed mandated on federal employees to be vaccinated how that requirement didn’t apply to Congress, as a separate branch of government and that they weren’t requiring their members to be vaccinated. We listened as San Francisco Mayor London Breed explained why she thought she didn’t have to comply with an indoor mask requirement because the spirit moved her and people shouldn’t be the “fun police” when it comes to her right to party as she chooses. But it’s fine for her to “fun police” everyone else in her city. There was also the recent example of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) blowing off wearing a mask indoors at the Met Gala, along with most of the other attendees, while the staff, the “help” was required to be masked — a stark example of “Rules for thee….”


We’ve seen Biden himself blow off his own mask mandate on federal property immediately after he imposed it.

But when it’s convenient — to protect him — then, it could be a “super spreader.”

PJ Media points out how Thomas-Greenfield was actually encouraging world leaders to send in videos rather than speaking in person. That of course would have protected Biden much more because if everyone did that then they could have had cover and had Biden do that, too. They could have edited Biden’s however they would have liked. But apparently, that didn’t work and most of the leaders wanted to talk in person. So they were out of luck with that gambit.

Some of the leaders were also balking at the local New York City requirement to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor events like the General Assembly. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, for example, said he has natural immunity because he had COVID. The Russian ambassador called the requirement discriminatory. So after the delegates balked, now it’s going to be on the “honor system.” Translation: they don’t have to adhere to the same requirements being forced on regular people in NYC.

Secretary General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said Friday that the honor system means ‘by swiping a badge to enter the General Assembly Hall, delegates attest that they are fully vaccinated, that they have not tested positive for COVID‑19 in the last 10 days [and] have no symptoms.’


Bottom line? If he opens his mouth, which he has to do, he’s going to stick his foot in it, despite all their careful efforts to avoid it.


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