Biden Tilts at Windmills and Scares a Baby

Biden Tilts at Windmills and Scares a Baby
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There are a lot of special things about babies. One thing is that they have a heightened sense of awareness at that age that we then often tend to lose as we get older.

But they often know when things are not right and people are wrong.

Joe Biden was in Colorado yesterday to push his climate change agenda and blame it for extreme weather and wildfires.

One baby was very clear in the judgment he rendered on Joe Biden. He wasn’t having anything to do with him. Of course, part of the problem was that Joe moved in on the baby with his “sniffing” technique and the baby didn’t like it, hitting him away and crying.

Warning for very loud music

White House correspondent for Breitbart, Charlie Spiering, made note of the incident.

But this is only the latest incident of Biden trying to get close to a child and in the context of the pandemic in which he’s demanding that everyone wear masks, including kids, it doesn’t match with what he’s demanding with his mandates and restrictions.

The baby wasn’t the only thing/person that Biden was having difficulty moving. He visited a renewable energy company and was shown part of a windmill. But when he saw someone else pushing the propeller-like blade, he then tried to do it, almost tripping himself — tilting at the windmill — with the people around him clearly concerned it would come back at him and knock him over. It did almost come back and smack him in the head at :15. He then points to the “Build Back Better” sticker on the blade and repeats it.

That’s surely a metaphor for his whole term so far. And you can see his continuing gait issue where he’s short-stepping like many elderly people who have issues.

Then, of course, Biden was also met with protesters as he has been wherever he’s gone, of late. He was met with protesters in Idaho and in California where he went to campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom. The protests have included people protesting his actions on Afghanistan as well as his vaccine mandates and restrictions. Some of the people in Colorado were waving Trump flags. Some also took up what’s become the popular chant against Biden in the last couple of weeks — “F**k Joe Biden!”

Warning for graphic language:

Joe Biden has acknowledged he’s seeing the signs and he’s not liking it. But the movement appears to be increasing — of the people who are unhappy with him and are now being very vocal about showing it.

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