'Smell My Hair': Hundreds of Protesters Come out in Idaho and CA to Confront Biden

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Joe Biden is hearing it from America.

I wrote over the weekend how Americans had started a chanting movement against him at games, concerts and events, “F**k Joe Biden.”


But folks are also making themselves heard at events where Biden is in attendance, as well.

Hundreds of protesters came out yesterday when Biden was in Boise, Idaho dealing with wildfire questions. Some of the protesters were dressed in pro-Trump gear and carried signs protesting an array of Biden’s actions including his vaccine mandates. Biden was met with chants of “traitor,” “smell my hair,” and “Joe Biden sucks.”

From Washington Examiner:

“If there’s not 5,000 people here, I’ll be disappointed in Idaho,” Dan McKnight told local news station KTVB. “We have a lot to say about the way he ended the war in Afghanistan, about his vaccine mandates that he’s forcing on employers. We have a lot to say about the way he’s done things, about his complete abandonment of border security, undoing everything Trump for the sake of undoing Trump.”


Today, Biden was in California to campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom, with the recall election today. But he was met by protesters there, as well.

“I hope he’s not so far away that he can’t see my sign!” LD Sutherland said, according to ABC 10. His sign said, “Biden Go Home,” and he was also holding a Recall Newsom flag.

A couple dozen protesters were in attendance when Air Force One touched down at the Mather Airport on Monday, and held signs reading, “Biden lied, 13 died” and waved pro-Trump flags.

“I think this is a very frightening time in our country, and we need to stop this agenda that’s happening and that’s with everything – the mandatory vaccinations and our open borders and what just happened in Afghanistan,” Sutherland said. [….]

Another protester, Patti Swanson, said this was the first protest she ever participated in, and was motivated to attend after 13 U.S. service members were killed in Kabul on Aug. 26 during the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“It’s a huge mistake. Afghanistan was a huge mistake, and he made it really bad,” Swanson said. “And the result was, 13 people lost their lives.”

“He’s coming here to try to get Newsom to try to stay in office,” she added. “He wouldn’t have come if there wasn’t a recall Newsom thing. Has he been here before? We’ve had other tragedies, lots of fires. Fires have been going on for months; he’s never been here, so this is all about recalling Newsom.”


Let’s hope that’s a good indicator of how the vote on the recall will go. But Americans across the country are clearly not happy with Joe Biden and it appears to be building rather than dissipating.


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