State Dept Spox Keeps Digging Hole Deeper - Tweets They Deserve 'More Credit' for Afghanistan Work

State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

We keep thinking that the Biden team can’t go much lower.

Then they keep topping themselves in how low they can go. You would think that after how seriously they have messed up handling Afghanistan – resulting in Americans and Afghans dying and leaving who knows how many thousands behind that – they would have some feeling of responsibility for what they did, that they should feel some sense of humility for the debacle that their administration caused.


Who knows how many Americans and Afghan allies are still trapped in Afghanistan. This after Joe Biden said they would get everyone out. Even by the State Department standards (which are just ridiculously false at 200 or under), there are still plenty of people needing help. You would think that would be the thing they should be thinking about at this point – that should be uppermost in their minds.

But check out this post from State Department spokesperson Ned Price and on what he’s focused. Indeed, he thinks they deserve credit. When he should be thinking about trapped people every minute, he’s thinking about whether or not he and the Biden team are getting “credit.”

Talk about disgusting and shameless.

Let’s start with this… if you want blame for this, you have earned it – in spades.

But let’s look at the story that Price references – a Washington Post op-ed by Jennifer “She Who Is Always Wrong” Rubin. The op-ed attempts to give the Biden folks some cover.

While the State Department has been criticized for not beginning mass evacuations of Afghans months ago (which in all likelihood would have triggered an earlier collapse of the government), as far back as April, it began sending one notice after another containing dire warnings to Americans, imploring them to consider the coming pullout. (“U.S. citizens wishing to depart Afghanistan should leave as soon as possible on available commercial flights,” a State Department communication warned on April 27.) Many Americans ignored these warnings.


I see that thrown out there a lot – why didn’t the people get out? Maybe because even in July, Joe Biden was telling them that the government wasn’t going to fall.

But here’s the problem. They’ve known that they’ve had to get out the Afghan SIVs and other allies for months. We’ve been screaming about it for months, saying the window of opportunity was closing. If I can say that back in May and say do it now or people are going to die, why doesn’t the allegedly most powerful man in the world and his State Department know it? The bottom line is they’ve left the people there, doing nothing as the clock ticked down and everyone told them time was running out. They didn’t finally get around to even taking the SIV issue seriously until the end of July and even then still failed to appreciate the urgency.

Yes, they got a ton of people out now, literally under the gun, because they were so incompetent and left it for so long. But there were a ton of issues and some will come back to haunt us. Many of those Afghan allies who have been left will die. While the State Department allegedly got out 6000 Americans, the number of SIVs they don’t seem to know. Some reports are at about 7000 but it can’t be confirmed. So who are all the other people, why were they on the plane and were they properly vetted? As I wrote yesterday, many seem to have come aboard the planes under the DHS’s “parole” ability – basically waving people aboard for ‘humanitarian reasons.’ That’s not the reason that most Americans were led to believe that people were getting on the plane for – most believe that the people got on for helping America. So there needs to be an accounting of what went on here and the vetting to make sure they don’t get folks like the convicted rapist who made it onto one flight.


Instead of “credit,” they should be thinking about how they can save the people left, instead of avoiding questions, as the Secretary of State Antony Blinken did yesterday.


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