Blinken Official Final Remarks on Afghanistan Show How Little They Care About Americans

State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

Taking after Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally showed up two hours late and spoke about the U.S. leaving Afghanistan after twenty years today.


He spoke about how they were now going to be setting up diplomatic operations in Doha, Qatar rather than Kabul.

He claimed a new “diplomatic mission” had begun.

Blinken then claimed a new international consensus and the U.S. would hold the Taliban accountable to allow freedom of movement for people to leave.

We didn’t even do that by the airport for Americans when we had troops there when they were right outside the gates. How are we going to guarantee anything without troops there? And exactly why would the Taliban care at this point?

He said that the Taliban had guaranteed not to become a haven for terrorists, when they themselves are already terrorists and it already is a haven now, thanks to Joe Biden.

This is just delusional as Blinken talks about the Taliban living up to international commitments.


But then Blinken admitted they’d left Americans in Afghanistan, despite Joe Biden’s promise to get everyone out before they left. He tries to downplay it, giving a lower number than Gen. Frank McKenzie who said “very few hundreds.” Blinken said under 200, close to one hundred.

I’ve already reported more than that number from only a few cases of which I know and I’m sure there are far more.

Blinken finished his remarks and then left without answering any questions, including a question about leaving Americans, despite Biden’s promise to get everyone out.

This is what they think of us. This is how little we are worth to them.

Even CNN’s Jim Sciutto couldn’t believe it.


Fox’s Jen Griffin said it looked like Blinken had been delivering a “hostage video” during his statement. Unfortunately, we may see actual hostage videos in the near future because of Blinken and the Biden team. But she then went on to report on just one set of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. She read a text from Signal.

“I have a 2-year-old American with lupus, I have a 12-year-old American with diabetes, I have an eight-year-old green card with asthma — abandoned by their government but not by us,” the text read from a group helping the children to try to get out.

Add to that hundreds, if not thousands more, between Americans and Afghan allies — completely abandoned by Joe Biden. Biden couldn’t even be bothered to speak today in person, sending Blinken and McKenzie out instead. He isn’t going to speak in person until tomorrow. It must be past his nap time already.


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