WH Comms Director Makes It Clear They're Prepared to Leave People Behind in Kabul

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

One of the questions that have been hanging out there in the wind is: what happens if we get to Aug. 31 and we still haven’t gotten out all the Americans and allies that need to get out? What does the Biden team intend to do?


It surely sounds like they intend to leave people there.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar asks her why aren’t they getting out the 5000-9000 a day that they previously estimated was their capacity to get out? Instead, they’ve only, allegedly, gotten out 9000 since Kabul fell, in six days.

Bedingfield claimed Biden prepared for this possibility. But Keilar wouldn’t let her get away with that and pushed her about how the British and French are going out and getting their citizens to get them to the airport. She just says they’re doing everything they can, but then doesn’t say what they are doing – she just keeps repeating Joe Biden is “laser-focused.” Bedingfield indicates she has no idea what the number is of Americans. “We will get every American who wants to get out out of Afghanistan” and working to move as many allies as possible, she said, when she is asked about the allies. “What you are not saying — I’m hearing in there that you’re prepared to leave people behind,” Keilar said. Then Bedingfield’s response was completely unacceptable. “We’re doing everything we can to get as many people out who want to get out before the August 31st deadline,” she replied.


Notice the “who wants to get out.” In other words, the Biden team created this situation these poor folks are stuck in, they can’t get past the Taliban and the U.S. wouldn’t come to help get them. But come August 31, they’re going to say, “Oh well, we tried.” Then they’ll blame the people left, saying they really didn’t want to leave. Just like Joe Biden lied in his speech about the Afghan allies still being in-country now because they really haven’t wanted to leave, despite them begging for help to leave for months. Working with the Taliban? Are they kidding with having left this to having to rely upon terrorists?

This is just a horrible answer and you know it’s coming. They’re not doing all they can now because they don’t want to aggravate the Taliban and it’s going to cost countless people their lives. This despite what Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos to the contrary. They’re going to throw these folks under the bus because of an arbitrary date on the calendar. Then they’re going to hope that we just forget about it.


No American should be left behind and we need to get out all the allies we possibly can.


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