As Multiple Crises Spin Out of Control, Biden Goes on Vacation

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden refused to take questions today after things began to spiral out of control in Afghanistan.

First, there was the report that his administration had pleaded with the Taliban not to go after the American Embassy in Kabul but then he had to send in troops to help evacuate the embassy and others out of the country. This was despite previously saying that they wouldn’t need to have an airlift as in Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War. But even as they were ordering that, the State Department claimed it wasn’t actually an evacuation. Despite the fact that it was clear that it was an evacuation and the Pentagon used those exact words.


Meanwhile, the border is out of control, hitting more record numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border in July, with many of them also positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Meanwhile, inflation is surging with a record high with inflation for businesses reached a year-over-year rate of 7.8% in July — the highest level ever recorded. The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the Producer Price Index — which tracks changes in input prices for businesses and other domestic producers — increased by 1.0% during the month of July alone.

Meanwhile, what is Joe Biden doing in response? He’s going on another early vacation back to Wilmington, Delaware. He just came back from a four-day weekend thereon in the early afternoon on Tuesday.


The media would be melting down if President Donald Trump had to order troops back into the country to help evacuate but then went on vacation? We’d never hear the end of it how uncaring he was and how he had failed. Yet, we’re not hearing any of that now.

Where are they asking about why he is once again going on vacation after he just came back from one? When he’s only been back at “work” for about a day and a half? What’s the need a vacation from? All the ice cream eating? Because it sure isn’t from the work that he’s blowing off.

But I’m betting it’s more about the deterioration is getting greater and it’s easier to hide it/cover for it if he’d not in the White House. So who wants to bet we’re going to see much more of this as he becomes scarcer. Can we call a lid on his term?

I’ve been writing about how desperate it is for our allies there, the people like the Afghan interpreters who did all they could to help us when we were there. Now they’re all going to be killed if Biden doesn’t act immediately.


Sorry, Joe’s on vacation.


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