Rand Paul's Wife Points out What Rashida Tlaib's Maskless Video Really Tells Us

Rand Paul's Wife Points out What Rashida Tlaib's Maskless Video Really Tells Us
(AP Photo/Mic Smith)

We’ve been reporting on people like Barack Obama and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) partying maskless,

We’re doing that not to argue that they should be masked. Quite the opposite — to point out their utter hypocrisy as they try to impose or preach controls on other people.

So I thought there was one take in response to Rashida Tlaib breaking the CDC guidance and dancing up a storm at a wedding that needed its own story to make that point.

That’s this tweet from Kelley Paul, Sen. Rand Paul’s wife. Now, keep in mind, she’s saying this after Tlaib criticized her husband for his comments about not following the “anti-science” CDC guidance.


Now, it’s a knock at her hypocrisy, but it’s also true, which is why it’s good.

I also note NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin’s take on this, to show what a miss that is, as we can see with Tlaib.

How about where a huge portion of the country thinks that Democrats are the ones prolonging the crisis and threatening the safety and freedom of everyone? Is that a problem?

But here’s the really bad take that’s most relevant here.

Kelley Paul caught that tweet and found it odd as well.


No, they’re not “incandescent with rage.” As we can see they’re having the time of their lives, smiling their heads off.

This is what they really think about the virus because this is what they’re doing in her private actions. Does she or Barack Obama look at all concerned about getting the virus? Not at all. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) what was her response when she was asked about being disinvited from the Obama party? She said she had other parties to go to. It’s the “sophisticated” people, so it’s safe.

That’s the point. They’re partying while stoking your rage and telling you to adhere to the restrictions that they are blowing off. They want that stoked rage against the unvaccinated or anyone not going along with the control, like Rand Paul. They do this while pushing the masking up of little kids for hours a day.

So listen to what they do, not to what they say.

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