WATCH: Rashida Tlaib Busted Dancing Maskless in CDC 'Substantial' Virus Risk Zone

Turns out there’s a new Democratic winner of the “Rules for Thee” hypocrisy award today.

Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was caught on video unmasked and dancing up a storm in a large maskless crowd at a wedding in Wayne County, Michigan. She’s even seen hugging at least one person in the crowd.


The video was posted on Instagram by the wedding band, Bassem Saleh, and the event was tagged as the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. The area is one where the CDC is recommending that people wear masks indoors even if vaccinated because the risk of the Wuhan coronavirus is ‘substantial.’

This comes the same day that Tlaib attacked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for saying that people should not follow the CDC’s “anti-science” mask mandates and demanding the schools open fully for in-person learning.


“The KY Senator is throwing a tantrum as his state is being swallowed whole by this virus, again,” Tlaib claimed. “People are getting sick and dying 98 counties in Kentucky have a high incidence rate of COVID-19. He needs to put politics aside, and put people first. Start resisting the virus.”

But while she’s going after Paul, she herself is blowing off the CDC guidance to party on and not practicing what she preaches. Why should we take any of these people seriously when they obviously don’t take this seriously themselves? Meanwhile, when she knows the cameras are focused on her and people will be seeing, she’s even worn two masks in the past. Talk about hypocritical.

Of course, that follows the monster blowout Barack Obama threw for his birthday, after he claimed he scaled it back in a nod to the pandemic, but he still had hundreds unmasked there. Although he did disinvite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and she sounded like she was getting huffy over it.

But no worries, doubtless, the people were “sophisticated” just like Barack Obama’s crowd. We forget the basic principle that the virus doesn’t attack the “sophisticated” or the people pushing leftist causes because it’s just intelligent that way. Silly us.


Bottom line here? They say one thing in public to us, then show in private how they don’t believe it at all and do just what they like. Rules are for the little people like you and me, not them. But then they will try to mandate that you comply.

Fox asked Rashida Tlaib for comment on these reports. But, for once, Rashida Tlaib has no comment.


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